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bloody phlem

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I just coughed up some bloody plem is this a side effect anyone else has had....I am 8 weeks out of radiation....and don't know if this and the coughing and hard to swallow thing are all somewhat common side effect...help

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I never coughed any blood up but did have blood when I blew my nose for a week or so during tx. 

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8 weeks post things are still pretty raw.  If you over do (try to hard) the coughing trying to clear your throat I could see some irritation and subsequent blood.  Now if you are talking BLOODY, then schools out, call your doctor.

Your throat, mouth, tongue, neck, voice, taste, saliva, etc. are each going to tell you how bad treatments are, but given time, they each settle down to the new-normal.

Good luck, life is great!


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Was it a significant amount or a little?  I'm having nosebleeds about every other day or so (usually first thing in the morning) and it will drain into my throat a little.  I cough up junk every morning (like having a sinus infection) but was told that was "normal".  Maybe not normal, but to be expected.  

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been through this twice and you will cough some alarming stuff up and in my case some was residual tumor...yeah yuck foo!! Just hang in there, if this is your first time having radiation it will end soon. Since I've done this twice I have a nice little reminder once a week probably the rest of my life, but just happy to still be alive. 


john j


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