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It is officially 3 years today since my diagnosis for this cancer. I am so grateful to the doctors who treated me and for everyone that helped me through treatments. I found this site after my treatments were over, but when I needed support the most. I am still battling another cancer, but I am very optimistic that I am cured of AC! I sure hope so. It was the night before Thanksgiving, 3 years ago tonight! God is good!

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Congratulations on hitting the 3 year mark!  Your gratitude is quite evident and your optimism makes me smile.  You are a true survivor!  I can't speak for anyone but myself on this board, but I truly appreciate your input here.  While all of us would prefer to not have had a reason to seek out this site, we are truly fortunate to have it and all the good people on it, including you.  I wish you NED on the anal cancer and hope that your other cancer will soon have a cure.  May God bless!

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Thinking of you and glad  for your 3 year survival!  You are a great contributor to this board and I value your knowledge and optimism.

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As hard as it is we have so much else to be so thankful for. We have our kids, our lives, friends, peace around us and a turkey in the oven stuffed happy.

Everything's gonna be all right.


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Congratulations Mary! I realise that there are other issues on the back burner, but yay! 3 years on from your original diagnosis. 3 bonus years of being there for your daughter too. Wishing you many more


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