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Two years out

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I was looking forward to my 1.5 year ct scan follow up to my rcc surgery since I've been seeing blood in my urine and wanted to rule out recurrence of my rcc.

Ive already had another surgery since my kidney surgery--benign tumors in my neck lymph nodes.

And last week, at a routine mammogram and follow up, I was diagnosed with invasive metastatic breast cancer. Ugh. Here we go again, only much worse.

I don't know what's worse, the cancers they can't treat, or those they can!

Anyway, I'm scheduled for a PET scan to see where else the breast cancer may have spread. I already feel another lump in my neck lymph nodes again. And the CT scan will tell me if the kidney cancer is back and causing the blood in the urine.

So I asked, how can so many things go wrong in one person? They think my DNA is mutating. I guess that makes me a mutant, which would be kinda cool.

But I'm not in a happy place right now.

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It was only a year or two ago that we shared much happier stories about beating RCC. Hopefully you can beat this too as there have been a lot of brest cancer survivors who are now beating RCC since we last heard from you.



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Hi Jamie,

So sorry to hear about your mets. I hope all the testing goes well and that they can get rid of it all for you and that you get back to being healthy in no time!

Stay strong!


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Another challenge. That is disappointing. But stay tough. You will handle it as you are a veteran of fighting this nasty disease. Good luck.

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First of all, Jamie, I am sorry for all you are going through. It stinks! Whatever you are "feeling" is okay and glad you came here. Seems cancer  sure can be sneaky!

But as others have and will say, you can fight this and move forward, I, for one, will be on this journey along with you, cheering you on!

Hugs, Jan

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Gordon Charles
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That is my unadulterated spontaneous reaction. I'm in the news business and your post is a perfect example of burying the lead.  I must say, your words display an amazing fortitude.  As others have said before, to the best of our ability we are here day or night to share your journey.  We may not be able to be with you in person but our thoughts and strength are aimed at you from around the world.   No Prisoners !!

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Minnesota Girl
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Jamie -

I'm so sorry to hear about your additional diagnosis. We were new RCC survivors around the same time and your support meant a lot to me. Know that we continue to support you. I've joined a small survivor group here in our new town - all young-ish women and mothers. I am the ONLY one who fought/fights something other than breast cancer. I offer this simply to assure you that, while some of us on the RCC board may not know much about breast cancer - we are in your corner all the way!!

Holding you in my prayers.

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It's nice to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones. As you guys mentioned, I'm hoping my experience with surgery recovery will make things a bit easier, or at least familiar, although the chemo and radiation will be new. The surgery is the last thing that will happen, and it's the least scary!

I'll let you know what the kidney ct scan turns up. Should happen in the next couple of weeks. Had a chest X-ray--that's clear.

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Hi Jamie,  did they do a biopsy for you?  I had my ct scan in August and was given the all clear, then a couple of weeks later they said no they had seen something and they wanted to check it out.  It was a 5cm fibroadenoma but they did a biopsy just in case.  It was removed a few weeks ago because of the size of it.  Plus it could not be felt!  Thinking of you.....

Eims x

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