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I am back

Bill Baker
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Well, another cancer.  I had posted two years ago when I had transitional cell carcinoma of the upper right ureter and kidney.  Surgery to remove and five months of chemo.  This June, with a routine follow up, my oncologist found a problematic lymph node on my upper right chest.  Pet Scan, MRI and biopsies.  Squeamous cell carcinoma.  Two tumors in the mediastinum and a met on the left humerus.  Two months of chemo-they grew anyway.  Now looking at radiation to keep the met in check and possibly shrink the turmors in the chest.  I went through targeting yesterday.  The question will be this:  can they target the chest tumors with minmal side effects tot the lung etc.  We will see.  I know it is all palliataive so I need to weigh the cost/benefit.

I hope you are all well this this struggle/battle/challenge etc.

Not sure why I posted.  Yeah I do.  Need to bounce things off other than my family directly impacted..



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How is your energy? perhaps they can keep things in check, you never know sometimes things respond when you think they won't , so chin up and move forward my friend!!! hugs

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There are more options now with chemo and radiation but the most promising results are coming about as a result of genomic therapies.  The studies that show the greatest promise for squamous cell are the PD 1, PDL-1, and Anti PD 1.  i don't know where you live but the primary location is California but Compassionate Use is being extended into other states.   

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