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Getting a port Dec. 6, Dr. says it's a little triangle purple thing.  Had my echo Thursday, guess I have to get those every 3 months while doing chemo.  I am taking time off for the next week, just been running from the hospital, surgeons, onco. and to tests for the last month.  I just needed time to process everything that's been thrown at me this last month.

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yes the testing does seem to go on forever! as far as the port goes - the surgical procedure is short & sweet & just like they said (for once) i hardly know it's there. The little tube that runs from the port to your vien is a little freaky at first but that settles down as well. 

Going in for my 4th cycle of chemo this week. Diagnosed in July with Lobular cancer of the left breast - mastectomy - lymphnoid involvement - will have 6 cycles chemo/herceptin - 6 cycles more herceptin - reconstruction & 6 wks radiation.

It is a LOT to process & it certainly takes over yor life! let me know how it's going! you are not alone!!!


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Hi.  So sorry you need it but the port will make teatment a lot easier for you, in my opinion.  I never had any problems with insertion or removable.  Best wishes and lots of prayers coming you way.

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In my opinion, a port is the only way to do chemo.  I had great veins so wanted to preserve the one set I'd have left after surgery so it only made sense to me.  Still have them after I did 4 DD A/C before surgery and 12 Taxol post surgery with my port.

My port was put in Aug. '09 and is still in.  To me, I 'see' it as my little 'soldier' standing guard duty.  It's there to keep the 'monster' from attacking again.  But if it should try to attack again, the sentury is ready for battle.  Yeah I know that's a strange/childish way to look at it but so far it's 'worked' - I'm still NED 4+ yrs since IBC DX

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Had my port put in in June of this year.  After chemo and bilateral mastectomy I told onco I wanted to leave it in. My veins are awful and it's so much easier than getting stabbed over and over to get a vein.

Good luck and prayers in your journey.


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