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Nasal or throat cancer?

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I am 21 yrs old male And i have been sick for about 5 months. I have persistent nasal block in left side of the nose and it gets worse at night. I can feel mucus draining down from the back of my throt and have recurring sore throat. I get sore throats every 3 weeks or so. i feel tired like i want to sleep and my legs feel really weak. My right weak hurts really bad from the inside. I went to the specialist and he coudn't find anything wrong with my lungs and all the blood tests were negative. I dont have any heart problem as well. Can it be symptoms of. Nose cancer or throat cancer? I am really worried. Can anyone please help? Thank you.



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i also feel very sleepy all the time and its started to get worst day by day. 

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Welcome to the forum and I would like to say that I'm sorry you are having health issues. May the Lord keep you well.


You describe a very broad spectrum that could be caused by many things. Your next move should be to see an ENT asap.


God bless,



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I would stongly suggest you go see an ENT immediately, mostly because it would be best to err on the side of caution. 

If it is nothing, that is fantastic. If it is something, best to find out as soon as possible.

Best of luck! I pray it is nothing that can't be fixed with little effort!!


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git thee to an ENT.....chances are, it's not cancer.....but having an expert tell you so will bring much relief.  There's also the good chance he can tell you what is going on, and help you out.


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As mentioned, the ENT is the only specialists that you need to see up front if you're concerned with H&N Cancer...

There have been numerous people that start here first, sure they have H&N Cancer, only to find out they didn't.... Personally, I would start out thinking it's not cancer right off to bat.


Also, do you have a general physician..., that is the normal progression and route to take. He is the one that would exam you, determine after some course of action on treating you, what plan of action is needed...

Happy Hoildays..., as of now, you don't have cancer...., and hopefully it's going to stay that way.



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ENT, that is what you need to see.  U need to see him to find out what is going on not just to keep u from thinking it may be cancer.  He may give u antibiotics to help with the nasal problem.  I pray that will do the trick.  For now, it's not cancer until a doc says it is.  Get to the ENT!

God bless you,


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You sound very uncomfortable, but share none of the symptoms I had and I did not believe I had cancer until all tests were in.

Let us hope you are fine and just need a tune-up.  So, as said, go see a ENT, tell him (or her) your story, let them feel your neck and scope you throat and after a thorough exam you will know.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving week-end.


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