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We got another dog....

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I've thought for a long time that Lola needs a partner in crime....and started watching the dog pound.  They had a German Shepherd there, and I wanted her SO bad I was there for 4 days in a row, but the owner came in and claimed her the day she was supposed to be moved to the adoption side.  While we were there, Greg spotted a little Australian Shepherd mix....She has been perfect in all ways but one.....she scares Lola when they play....she's VERY intense, and plays very hard.....but we're working on it.  I've had her a week, and she's learned sit....down/stay....come and leave it.  Pretty smart girl.  Oh and she's black so we saved her from the "black dog syndrome" found at shelters...people skip the black dogs for some reason.....myself, I just want a good fit.

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I would give her a name?

This is one side effect I wish I got (the need for more critters).  These first few weeks will be tough, but doable and after about 8 weeks it just gets better and better (a little at a time).  Don’t forget her water bowl, you don’t want her dehydrated.  All dogs are different, but after 1 year she will be used to her new-normal. Who knows she might appreciate the occasional dance in the kitchen (whatever rings her bell). 

Your human buddy,


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Well, she is so smart I may teach her post on CSN by June :)....

BTW....we named her Betty....


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Now we know where you been the last week!  Lol 

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What a sweetheart!  A great addition to your sweet family :)

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Yes, she looks very intense, as if she's waiting to answer an important question. My son's "Tatum" has gotten very big, bigger than we expected, & very strong. I would never be able to control her on a walk. I think she's abot 10 mo. old now. When they come over, she just about loves me to death & wants to climb into my lap. She wants to grab my arm & walk aound with me. He says I'm the only one she does that with. She just knows who her Grandma is, I guess.

Why don't people prefer black dogs? I love black dogs. Had a black lab for 14 years.

Hope she & Lola will be best "buds".



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Awww, I think she's a keeper P...., I'm sure with a little time her and Lola are going to be buds for sure...


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She looks just beautiful. About two years post treatment I started to look for another dog. I had a pit mix, "Lela", but she really wasn't my dog, more her own dog so to speak, kicked me off the couch during chemo/ radiation and I was in no position to argue. I wasn't sure I would live long enough to be responsible for a dog but just had to take that chance.  Enter Mottsy,  a 100lb German shepaherd who I just love and will never kick me off the couch. A match made in heaven. He was big and dumb and had a bum left leg just like me. We are inseparable now and look out for each other. A good dog sure can make life seem a whole lot better. An evil dog can make life uncomfortable and make you sit on the floor. I have both.

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always been German Shepherds.....I have had them around me for 40+ years.....there's just nothing like them....fun, smart, empathetic, kind to other animals, and seem to have an uncanny sense of what to do when the chips are down, like get help.  Hubby got tired of the never ending hair, and the health problems.....so now I have a clown.....and this girl has the intensity of a GSD without the size, the hair, and probably no health problems.

RF......you got yourself a good friend in that pup.....I know you do.

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She's great - what a good looking dog - We love dogs, we have a german shepherd black lab mix, going on 13, she is the best - and I can claim she is my dog although my 9 year swears differently (no swearing of course) - she looked all lab when she was younger and is now getting gray and white around the muzzle - I picked her us first as a 3 month old from the shelter and bathed her, so I think that is why she tends toward me more -  she walks with my wife and I and loves it - such wonderful companions - check out the tail wag - recently a study done looked at the wag direction - if more to the right, the dog is happy, if more to the left, not so happy - it might seem silly but we look for it and see it when we come home and when we walk, more to the right - silly huh - here is somethng else - for a few moments reading these posts and writing this one, I forgot all about cancer - what a good moment - thanks

Have a wonderful day


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P, Betty is beautiful.  I love her coloring.  She looks like a very sweet dog.  I'm glad u went to the pound to get her.  You got a great companion and saved a dog at the same time!  God bless you, P!


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