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Chemo and vein pain

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Joined: Nov 2013

Any of you guys get sore veins where they IV'd you for chemo? Man, the IV I had on Tuesday now has that vein sore from top to bottom in my arm.


God bless,


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Never experienced. It doesn't sound too far fetched but it doesn't hurt to place a call to see if unusual or to be expected. 

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Jamie, i never had chemo so can't comment on that but wanted to say i hope it gets better and easier for you.  ask your doc if that's normal.  it never hurts to ask questions.  stay strong.  Praying for you.

God bless you,


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Posts: 109
Joined: Nov 2013

I was told by the nurse during my very first IV that Cisplatin is very tough on the veins.


So I was just assuming this was part of it.


God bless,


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My doctor told me that since i did not have a port put in that my veins would take a beating,They did take a beating and by the end of my chemo's they were using the veins on the top of my arm,but they seem to be coming back ok now,It got to a point that my nurse was having difficulty finding a vein.And like you say they were kinda sore but I thought that was normal.

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ask for a port ASAP. Only way to go.

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ask them to set you up to get a port, then you never have to get poked 20 times looking for a vein.  It's wham bam, thank you ma'am, and the chemo is dripping.  If I hadn't had a port, they would have to add 2 hours onto every session trying to find a vein to use....my blood pressure was so low, and dehydration also affects the veins......I'm sure that Cisplatin does a number on them, too.....


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My arms were just sore from the poking.  By the end, I didn't have any veins left for them to poke, needed to use a heating pad on my arm to try to find the vein.  Sometimes they would find the vein, put in needle and then blowout or blocked.  It got very difficult at the end.  Don and Phrannie have a good idea, I don't know why they never put a port in me.

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I did not have PORT, I do have veins, but I selected the PICC line for my weekly Erbitux infusion.  If you have neither PORT or PICC, then you may have sore veins.


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Jamie - I hope it goes better for you - keeping you in our thoughts and prayers


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Thanks guys - my arm is feeling better today. I hope they put in a mini port because I still have to have chemo 4 more times lol. Last Tuesday they only had to poke me once, thankfully. I hydrated like a crazy person all night and all morning before that session lol.


God bless,



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Ruben and Jude
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You did the right thing by hydrating yourself before they put the IV in.

Ruben didn't have a port (but I've treated many patients who have/had one). They put his IV in the same vein every time he had chemo, and it didn't bother him. I think he was fortunate, because usually it does cause discomfort. If that happens again, you can apply a warm pack to the vein, that should help ease the pain.

Ruben had Cisplatin as well, and post treatment, his vein is in great shape.

Take care. God's blessings and hugs.  Innocent

(Ruben and) Jude


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