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study obstructions

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Thank you for posting this.  How unfortunate for those whose specialty is gynecology who are seeking to help find better ways to treat anal lesions in their pre-cancerous stage in both women and men.  I really am trying to understand the board's reasoning behind this, but I just can't.  It seems unfair and a severe case of knit-picking to me.  Thanks again for posting and I hope you are doing well.   

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I do understand the rationale that a Board certified gynecologist be devoted to the study and treatment of female reproductive system, but I was not aware that would preclude any treatment of males.

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Here's a brief quote from the story:

"A professional group that certifies obstetrician-gynecologists reversed an earlier directive and said on Tuesday that its members were permitted to treat male patients for sexually transmitted infections and to screen men for analcancer.

The statement from the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology eased restrictions announced in September, which said that gynecologists could lose their board certification if they treated men. Exceptions were made to allow certain procedures, but screening men who were at high risk for anal cancer was not permitted, so the September decision left some gynecologists struggling to find colleagues in other specialties to treat their male patients and to track those who were enrolled in studies."

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Thank you for the update. I think its so great that people here care so much and take the time to continue to share current information like this with each other in an effort to keep us all healthy.

Again, thanks and be well.......

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Thank you SO much for posting this!  What great news and it will make many of my friends very happy who were hopping mad about the original decision. 

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