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Hi All.  My husband had a ct scan of the chest, abdo and pelvis and cea and appropiate blood tests.  There was no evidence of metastases and cea marker was the same as previous readings.  This is his second clear scan and he has had one clear colonoscopy, so we are heading in the right direction.  THANK GOD  He has occasional diziness which his surgeon assured us was not bowel related.  He had his resection in August 2012 and finished 12 rounds of folfox 6 in April 2013.  Does anyone have any info. on folfox 6 causing mild dizziness six months out from treatment.  I hope you are all coping with this monster and having some happy times in between the bad times.  I look forward to hearing from some of you.  Our very best wishes for a return to health and what ever normal is whilst living with cancer.  Cheers  dinkydi8 from Australia

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For your husband. I can't comment on folfox as it was not in use when I was having chemo. Keep up the good results and have a good Christmas, Ron in Nambour.

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Nana b
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No dizziness but lots of hip joint pain and short memory issues.  Great news. 

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Thank you Nana b for your reply, I am sorry you have on going issues after chemo, however I suppose if it keeps things in check it is something we all learn to live with.  Cheers  dinkydi8

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Hi Ron,  thank you so much for your reply.  Folfox 6 is a cruel chemo, however it is producing pretty good results.  The oxaliplatin is the silver bullet in the cocktail, however it does take its toll.  We are thrilled to receive a good result this time and pray for more to come.  I hope you are staying on top of your health problems and from what I have read you are a very strong, determined and positive person.  We will certainly have a much better Christmas this year compared to last year and I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas in sunny Nambour.  It is crazy that we have the traditional Christmas fare considering our climate at that time of the year.  Cheers and good wishes from dinkydi8 in Echuca Victoria

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The usual suspects for causing dizziness can be low blood pressure or an inner ear infection.  Have these things been checked out?

My sister had high blood pressure before chemo.  As she lost weight we had to monitor her BP daily and she could only take those meds if her pressure was over a certain number.  99% of the time, it was a no go for BP meds.

Glad to hear that all else is on the good side.

Hugs from the USA,

Marie who loves kitties

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Thank you Marie.  You could have hit the nail on the head, as his dizziness is in the evenings after he has taken his BP medication.  I should have thought of that.  I will check his pressure daily and try to eliminate that.  What a wealth of information you are.  Thanks  heaps.   dinkydi8

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