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My ornament came!

CypressCynthia's picture
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Joined: Oct 2009

I received a beautiful angel ornament from Barb A.  She is just lovely: pewter filigree, glittery wings and holding stars.  She is a Give Me Strength ornament.  Her message:


During times of sorrow,

Of tragedy and woe,

He will grant you strength,

And bear your heavy load.


He will send you His angels,

Whose powers never waver.

To shower you with love and faith,

And Heaven's divine favor.


There they will remain,

Until your trouble's through.

When you can walk again with a lighter heart,

And your spirit is renewed.


So sweet!  I feel stronger just having her around. Smile  Thank you so much Barb!

fauxma's picture
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Joined: Dec 2008

The ornament sounds just lovely and it couldn't be going to a better gal.   I love your picture.  You are truly a beautiful lady.  What a great smile.


New Flower
Posts: 4299
Joined: Aug 2009

Love your new picture and Brb's poem 

GreeneyedGirl's picture
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Joined: Sep 2008

You are the first recipient!! Yay~ and I too love the new pic!

Hugs....from last years Ornament Buddy~♥


CypressCynthia's picture
Posts: 4014
Joined: Oct 2009

Yes, Barb was on it, wasn't she!  I had to get moving after my angel came...lol.

VickiSam's picture
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LOVING our spirit of love, hope and support.


Vicki Sam

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What a great message too! 

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