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So we are heading up back to Mayo

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for our first post rad and chemo pet scan...we have it on Monday....I like most everyone here am a little anxious and scared...My throat still hurts and feel swollen...my wife tells me it is just the post rad scaring and I am hoping and praying she is correct...but the question I want to ask...is does the mucus and spit up stay with me the rest of hopefully a long and happy life...or is it a sign of something else.




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For some of us, mucus is a permanent situation.  For others it is temporary.  But it certainly is not an ominous thing.  Sounds like you are still close enough to conclusion of your treatment that everything you've just listed is pretty routine.  Have a good trip to Rochester.



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You sound totally normal, scanxiety, mucus, no spit and all.  I am sitting here with a mouth full of spit and a dry mouth (feeling), figure that one out. Comparing day 1 post to today (day 608 post) all life signs point to continued scanxiety followed by no mucus and improving spit with dry mouth and fair taste buds, i.e. life is great!

Try to relax and listen to your better half, she sounds smart.


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More than likely....

As for taste and saliva, I'm a few yeas=rs further out than Matt and I have all of my taste back, and nearly 95% or so of my salva...

Scanxiety is much less than it initially was...., LOL... unless I read something on a scan report before my ENT that scares me. Then he tells me not to quit my day job..., and he will interrpret my reports..


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Good thoughts and prayers coming your way for Monday's results. I go to Rochester 12/18 for my results. Original tx was at Barnes in STL but recurrance called for expertise of Mayo. 

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Hey John,

So, what is the 5% that is missing? I'm curious how people describe the bits of missing saliva. I say I'm 95% and the 5% is the slight drymouth I get while sleeping. Some of that I fix by taping my mouth shut (jk) but it is caused by breathing through my mouth. Sometimes it seems if I ate something salty for dinner it will kick up some drymouth. My main mission now is to keep bacteria out of my mouth and filling in when there is lack of saliva. don

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Let us know those results!


God Bless,


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