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Met a young lady

Lynn Smith
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Met a  young lady when I went through a Drive-Thru. She was wearing a pink bracelet. I asked her if she had a friend or family with BC and she said her mom was dx in 2006 and had 3 recurrences with it.Her mom is in her early 40's so I told her she must be checked(since 4 in my family had it).She already had a check up and the young lady is probably in her early 20's.This is why I think it should be 20-30's for mammograms. They didn't do them years ago when I first had my benign tumors at 20(now 66) but check-up were done by my doctors faithfully( I only missed 1 appt in 46 years).The  metal plate in the 70-80's(OUCH) and finally the more tolerable mammos.

We hear about different people and their challenges.We may not know them but we hope they beat this beast.This young mother and daughter are in my Thoughts and Prayers.

Lynn Smith

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I agree it should be earlier....esp since we are hearing more and more younger.


My oldest is 26 I should ask if her dr every suggest one since I have had BC.


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the horror never stops when it to come 'what' age a woman should to have her mammo ...   Medical guidelines needs to be reviewed and revised ...  In my humble opinion.


Vicki Sam

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I couldn't agree more that mammos need to be offered at much younger age since it does seem that more and more young women are being diagnosed.  Maybe it's because I pay closer attention since my own bc, but at any rate I worry about my own daughter who is 36.

Lynn Smith
Posts: 1265
Joined: Mar 2011

URRRRR my computer has been down for 9 days.You know Thanksgiving put them behind."That one day".They were to come today between NOON and 5.They made it at 4:30.Now will post after my vent.

I'm going to keep up with this for my granddaugthers.All of them work now but one is getting married soon. Since I went through it at 20 it means so much to me.Just I was fortunate that my cancer didn't strike till my early 60's but I was always faithful with check ups. It took me 6 months after my benign tumors were found to believe I wasn't going to die.I was so young I thought they just left the breast and I wasn't going to make it.I was waiting for that 6 month to roll around when many years ago I heard my parents tell me so and so has cancer and they just have 6 months to live.  Never told my mom what I felt inside.Just 20 years old was so young to have any tumor.Benign or malignant.  

Denise def your daughter needs to think about getting mammos soon.This young lady was younger than 26.Looked to be early 20's if that.Went back to that business and others were wearing pink.It wasn't Oct either.Seems that Wendy's workers support breast cancer. Or so many have a family member dx with it. 

Lynn Smith

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I had DCIS at 28 and IDC at 33. I am the first in the family to have ANY form of cancer. But after having the DCIS they didnt have me coming in for mammos. If I was they probably wouldve caught my IDC before it started to travel into my arm. Then when I complained about the new lump I was told not to worry about it, that it is probably just because Im young and "Fybroidy" still, that it was probably just because of my menstrual etc. But I KNEW something was wrong so I went for a second opinion. The second doctor was immediately alarmed and was disturbed that any medical professional would tell me not to worry about a lump that felt like half an orange under my skin. I mean it was so big and hard my skin was bruised black & blue on the outside.

I would definately agree they need to start paying closer attention and lower the age of annual mammos ESPECIALLY if someone in your family has already been sick. I mean I would think that is just common sense. But because they dont, it is that much more important for us as women to be "self-aware" and have open communication about it with the other women in our lives. Self-examination and knowing my body could have very well saved my life.

With that being said lets not sit back and let the medical professionals decide when its time.. Lets start pushing it, asking for it, suggesting it when we visit the Drs with our loved ones, teach our young ladies how to check themselves and be in touch with themselves and hopefully they will jump on the bandwagon.

God Bless & Good Luck to all of those fighting!!

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