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3 Years NED

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Good news! Pet scan clear! 3 years NED!! I am sooo happy I can't even put it into words. The worry, the concern... a big milestone. 3 years. When I went to the PET scan it all came back up, as it always does. 3 years ago, right before Thanksgiving, i got the bad news. Now, I am having another meaningful Thanksgiving. Life has changed forever, you know what I mean. Once we are faced with mortality, life changes. We no longer take things for granted. I am grateful. I am also thankful to have all of you to have helped me through it. Could not have done it with all of your and my family support. 


All the best out there for all of you! Hope this good news is also good news for all of you. This can be cured. 


Love. Elke

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Great news!  I know how releived you are.  My aniversary date is 6-30-09 for anal and I just completed a yearly scan for lung cancer and am also ned from that from 9-23-10.  Its so scary and such a relief when we are clear.  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I wish you continued great news, Lori

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This is such great news to hear--Congratulations!  This Thanksgiving will, indeed, be a happy one for you.  You are right--life after cancer is much sweeter because we take nothing for granted.  Enjoy your good news and I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Yay! Congratulations. I was diagnosed with this cancer the night before Thanksgiving, 3 years ago too. I am not NED, but I am alive and very grateful!

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