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Don't read if offended by prayer!

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I feel like the Lord would like for me to say a prayer over this forum and if you are a Christian or not, you can read it and believe in it with me. The Bibile says, "Truly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18:18-20, ESV) 


Dear Heavenly Father, I humbly come before You on the behalf of the wonderful people of this forum that share their fears, courage, failures, successes, lives, and even deaths so that we all may find comfort in knowing that we are not alone and others are literally sharing our burdens, often on our behalf. This forum and its contributors displays the love of Christ among one another and I know that You are so pleased with this community. Jesus, I pray the Blood that You shed for our sins and our healing wash over each and every person involved in this community, as well as their family members and friends. Thank you, Lord, for those that You have successfully healed, some years ago, that have made it a mission to stay here and give testimony to those of us that are still fighting the fight - bless these people with Your love, peace, and fullness of life. Thank You, Lord, for those that are like myself and in the middle of the fight but find strength in You to never give up - bless us with the promise of Your healing granted in Isaiah 53:5. Thank You, Lord, for those that gave their all but still went home to see Your face - now they are in Your loving arms and in a Glory that we cannot yet imagine. Mostly I pray, that if anyone here hasn't found You and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, that Your love will find a way to minister to them and they will draw near to You and seek Your face. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.


God Bless you all, my friends.



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for the prayer....I appreciate it!


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I don't know how anyone goes through this diagnosis and treatment without Him.  Thank you for the prayer.

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Thank you!  I pray for the entire CSN community each day.  I could NOT have survived without God's grace, mercy and healing.  I feel blessed to have gone through some dark times because I was shown his love in a way I never had been before. 

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That was beautiful. Thank you.


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Absolutely beautiful! Heartfelt thanks



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jamie, thank you soooo much!  we can always use a prayers and God.

God bless you,


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Very thoughtful and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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It means a lot to me...I head back up to Mayo for my first post red and chem pet scan and I find mysellf like so many ..scare...my throat is sore and feels swollen which my wife just says is the scare tissue....I hope she is right we find out on Monday....but i opened the page and there was your prayer....and it made me feel better.




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And A Thunderous AMEN. Thank You Jesus.  Thanks Jamie for the prayer.


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Ruben and Jude
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Innocent  Thank you Jamie. Prayers are always appreciated in our household. I don't know how anyone gets through this without knowing how much God loves and cares for us. We understand what it means when people say that going through something like this is a blessing. Our faith has grown and reached a level we never knew before. 

Trust God, trust Jesus, stay focused.

Many Blessings coming your way.

(Ruben and) Jude

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Prayers are always welcome as far as I'm concerned..., and I'm nearly five years since Dx...



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Prayer is a wonderful thing. Sharing them makes them special.


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It's just my way to thank this board for all the love and care that everyone puts into their responses. Jesus loves us all and I feel His love returned through everyone here.


Thanks again and God bless,



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Beautiful and heart felt Spector.

I know this much..... If it weren't for the prayers, positive thoughts and vibes, I wouldn't have made it through. 


Positve thoughts and prayers




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I do know that prayer and a positive attitude was what help me through this rough time and helped numerous others too.Thanks for the prayers need them always.

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Your prayer was wonderful and much appreciated. I know I leaned heavily on God during my treatment and recovery and still am. I am 3 weeks away from my next scan and the scanxiety has set in. I thought it would get easier the further out I got but it has not. I almost think I am worse this time than the last. I  am trying to just turn the worry over to God and leave it in his hands. 

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Ruben and Jude
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I'm sorry you're having scanxiety... just wanted to send you some warm fuzzies... hugs.

God is good. His love never fails, no matter what.

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jim and i
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Jan Trinks
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That was beautiful.  And this being Thanksgiving, I am thankful for all the people on the site.  I certainly would not have made it through my husband's treatment and his passing three years ago without all the prayers and people like you.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Jan (Basketcase)

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There is a lot of power in prayer


God Bless


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