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para-aortic lymph node cancer

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In 2011 I was diagnosed with Edometrial cancer. On halloween I had a total hysterectomy. My Onco Dr. found one cancer cell in one lymphnode so i had 22 sessions of radiation. No Chemo. In Oct. this year after having an ulttra sound and barium swallow for stomach pain, My doctor ordered a CT Scan with contrast. They found several para-aortic lymphnodes that were enlarged. Luckily there were no indications of cancer on any other organs. Since the enlarged nodes were so deep and so close to the Vena Cava/Aorta, the Dr. did not remove them. He does not suggest chemo or radiation therapy. (I had the radiation in the same general vacinity and he doesnt want to do it again unless he absolutly has to) I am on Hormone therapy. My question is there anyone out there who has gone through this. It seems like most post I have read, the patients have had either chemo or radiation. Dr. is going to do another CT in February. He said it takes that long to see if the hormones are affectiing the lymph nodes. Also does this mean the lympnodes are turmors? Thanks for any input.

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Have you posted on the uterine cancer boards?  They will probably have more info there.  Cervical, vaginal, vulva cancers are usually not hormone sensitive and so our treatment doesn't usually consist of hormone therapy.  I Know that endometrial and uterine cancers can be hormone receptor sensitive and therefore hormone treatment could be of benefit,  also, if you feel uncomfortable with one doctors suggestions, you can get a second and third opinion to weigh your options.  I hope everything works out well for you.  Hugs.

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