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PINK BUS -- For our dear Brother Robert - manwithamission // MRI today, Thursday

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Getting a late start as it has started to rain here in Southern California --  darn,  we Californian's have a difficult time navigating thru rain drops!   ..   Didn't get the chance to fill up on Coffee - but, our PINK Bus is gassed up - and on the road in support of our Brother, Robert ..




Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.


Vicki Sam


Lynn Smith
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I'm ready for the road trip to support Robert and his family. Wishing him the best at this difficult time and having to go through more treatment.

Seems this beast just creeps up on a person.Just when things seem to be looking good a bombshell.I'm a 4 year survivor but think alot about what so many on here go through.In remission and suddenly a downfall. I will never be comfortable with my body since this dx of BC.

Lynn Smith  

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lots of hope for a good report on the MRI.  I will send some positive thoughts and say a prayer for it to be so.

Then I will bring lobster rolls, chips in case Robert is hungry after laying such a long time on the board for the MRI.


Best wishes, Robert,



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Well, almost didn't get my MRI. Seems that my stent is not compatable with this NEW powerful MRI at the Hospital. Had to go to a Diagnostic Center with a less powerful MRI. They will send my onc the results in three days. (I take that as working days?)

I go tomorrow at 3pm to see my surgeon to find out when he can put in my port. Then the "real" fun begins! HAHAHAHAHEEEE!!!!

Thanks for all the Prayers.


New Flower
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hopefully tomorrow will be less challenging and a good spot will be found easy. Please continue to share with us .

we do care


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Robert, I will be there tomorrow and when you get your port.  I had a port put in back in March.  There is not a day that has gone by since that I have not been grateful for it.  Don't know if you had one before?  Anyway, it was same day and I had no problems.  Sending hugs and prayers!

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as you wait for results.  Linda

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Keeping you in prayer and hoping for good results!



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Sorry I missed the bus today. I hope your results are good. Think positive and tomorrow will be a better day.



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count me in..

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Haven't been here in a while---but will pray for you, Robert---and all of you every day....




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i did not know you were having this, hoping for great results

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