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Difference between Thyrin and Levothyroxine

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My endo has recently changed my brand. I am so confused with the one i got from the pharmecy. i need to reduce to .75Mcg. so i need to take one ,50 and another ,25 Mcg pills.

the name that my endo gave is Levothyroxine -(thyrin 50) and (thyrin-25). but the one i got from pharmecy  saying  Euthyrox 50, and 25 (Levothyroxine sodium) are they same? i am from bangladesh. and we dont have much option with meds. can you please help.? are they same?

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Hi Farzana,

As far as I can tell from looking around the internet, they are the same, Levothyroxine Sodium BP.  Thyrin is made by a company called AFCHealth which seems to be based in Bangladesh where you are.  Euthyrox is made by Merck which has pharmacutical plants all over the world, the label on the bottle should tell you exactly where.  The only thing you should worry about is price and quality control in the manufacturing.  The US Government passed a law forbidding the import of pharmacuticals, saying they were worried about quality control, but the cynical among us {me for instance} would say the law was more about protecting the US pharmacutical companys from external competition.  I know that many drugs here in the US have increased greatly since it was passed.  I started paying $10 for 90 Levothyroxine 175 mcg pills, now I pay close to $40 and I've only been taking them for less than 3 years.


PS Sorry for me venting on US drug prices :)

PPS I'm guessing that Thyrin is the cheaper of the two, you might want to ask your pharmascist why he substituted the Euthyrox and what the prices are.

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Hi Alan,

thanks a lot. yeah i spoke to my doctor and checked with the pharmecy too... yeah u r right. both are same.. the one i got is made in germany... and thyrin is our local. actually the local is out of stock in the market now thats why i had to buy the imported one. my office pays all for my medecine. so the price is not a matter. and u r right. its almost 4 times of the local one.

thanks again for the information :)



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