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Well, what do you know????

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WE MADE IT!!! Just like you all said we would...Today was Pat's last day of radiation treatments. He's not feeling so hot, so here I am doing the "Happy Dance" and ringing every bell I can find all by myself...BUT, he's done and the healing starts now!!! Yeah, yee haw, giddy up, let's go!!!!! 

I know we still have tough times ahead, but at least we don't have to drive an hour and a half each day to treatments... I know that alone will make Pat feel better!

Thank you all for helping us get to this point,


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I'm doing a happy dance for you- if I had a bell I would ring it!   Yay!   The recovery now begins :)

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God Bless,



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Share and enjoy the end of treatments.  Soon he'll start to have more good days than bad days--but it will come gradually.  Don't get discouraged by bumps on the road as this happens. 



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and Ding, ding, ding!  I'll do a dance around my table to make up for Pat's lack of presence :). 

You're absolutely right....3 hours on the road for 20 minutes of radiation takes a toll on him.  Tomorrow it's going to feel wonderful, he'll be getting up knowing he doesn't have to go anywhere....He can hunker down under the covers and sleep till he wants to get up.  The not having to go anywhere every single day, was the best part of ringing the bell for me.

Congrats to both of you!! Laughing 


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Glad to hear you check this event off the list.  Now,  he can just concentrate on resting and healing up.  Many report the next 2-4 weeks get worse but some  (me) did not get much worse after rads.  Keep up the positive spirit and this will soon be behind you both.   Don

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As you say, he has a few weeks before he will start to physically feel better, but the mental aspect is huge..., done and healing on your own.



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About those pants, never mind, I get to ring my bell for you both.  Congratulations!

Heal on,


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Glad to hear that's done!

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Jaime - that is great news - I love your post, its so happy and moving!!!



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jamie, you aren't dancing and ringing that bell all by yourself.....WE'RE ALL DOING IT WITH YOU!!  we're celebrating too.  this is wonderful news and we can hear the happiness in your post!  now it is time to slow down and heal.  start the recovery process.  so glad it is over for Pat and you and can't wait for the 3 month NED!  take care and stay in touch.

God bless you,


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The two weeks after rads were the worst for me...pain ...then it got better...good luck over the next two weeks  and beyond!



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Ding - ding

Ding - ding

Ding - ding

It's great to hear!  Here's hoping that he recovers soon (takes a while) and he soon joins Club NED!



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