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Still every three months....

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Just finished with 2 year check up at MDA and was looking forward to moving on to every 6 months ck up instead of 3 months ck up.  It was not to be though.  There are some wierdisms on my liver and lung.  Most likely nothing but going back in Feb for an MRI.  that's as much "talking" as I feel like doing tonight, so will share more later!  Lorikat

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I am sorry about your disappointment. It is good that they are being thorough and keeping an eye on you. I am in the same boat with my lungs and liver. Hang in there!

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Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers tonight.

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Hope this finds you having had a good nights rest!  I'm sorry for the frustration of 3 vs 6. Look at it as still moving forward but taking the scenic route! I am approaching my 3yr check up next month, ( a bit off schedule and a little early ) but close. About my 2yr mark I also had some "wierdisms" or as Martha often says "freckles"........ they seem to come and go and be nothing of great concern.  I pray that that is all the same for you.

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I'm disappointed for you that you will still have to be checked every 3 months.  However, you will get that peace of mind on a frequent basis that we all crave and know that everything is okay!

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I can understand why you would be disappointed. I agree with Martha on the frequency of reassurance. A weening of 4 months, then 5 then 6 might be better, but when we are expecting the next phase & that doesn't happen for whatever reason, our anxiety levels are raised (acknowledging that they are already raised at scan time anyway). 



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sorry for the disappointment .... they are taking great care of you and do not want to let anything slip up on them.....hugs to you..... i think you will be there one month before me... i go in march.....sephie

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I like that term "freckles". I have to go back for another ct scan in February for the lung area. My Pulmonologist says to me it is Bronchieacisis of something like that but he doesn't put that in writing, so I have to go back for another scan too. I know it's is annoying for you to have to keep going back but I think it is terrific they are watching you so closely. Nothing will slip past them this way. I think it is interesting they are choosing an MRI over a CT scan. Do you know why? We have to just cling tightly to the board when we come around these appointment times. They are nerve wracking.

All the best,


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Lori Dr. Eng didn't graduate me to 6 months until this year. She wanted to keep a close eye on me because I had lymph node involvement. I actually just went to 6 months this August and it was 4 years. I go back in Feb too the 6th and 7th. Are your appts close?  Would love to meet up again. 


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I've been thinking of you Liz!  I'm happy to know you are doing well.  I'm not so much worried as tired of having to go to Houston every three months!!!  I know, quit whining, be thankful and go!  Will send you a private message in the next few days..  Blessings, Lori


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