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I have now officially been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have suspected something like that for the past two years, fear, anger, feelings of insecurity. I have been on antidepressents prescribed by my doctor but things kept getting worse, two trips to the psychiatrist and he says I have a pretty chronic case and need therapy, I agree with him and will be seeing him weekly, he likened me to a saturated sponge emotionally. Had a good cry when I got home, he said showing your emotions is good and I felt better after. Feeling more confidant now that I know what I am facing. Denis

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Knowing the enemy is half the battle.  And gosh, PTSD, rearing its ugly head especially during times of severe stess?  Imagine that!  The successful treatment of PTSD, and of all the other disorders of the anxiety/depression spectrum rely on insight, and motivation.  Both of which I suspect you have  an extraordinary amount of.  You will do well.  OK, carry on.




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denis, i'm sorry you now have to battle this but glad you have a plan.  i pray the plan will work with the meds to help you feel better.  i don't know about ptsd but i've faught being bipolar and deep depression all my adult life so i know how hard and at times overwhelming it gets.  hang in there and know that we are praying for you.

God bless you,


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Thanks Pat and Deb, once again Pat, I find your words comforting. he thoroughly explained the fear factor, I get afraid of ridiculous things. Buying my new house scared the living daylights out of me, I mean scared, not concerned. If it wasn't for my wife I would have hung on to the old place. I will carry on and get over this, I already feel better. I was blaming my thyroid for everything. having cancer popping up in your life is rough for one episode, I have had four, all different. Did see on TV this week that there is a vaccine type of drug, derived from the tumor and other things, that has the potential to be a major weapon for cancer, the doctor said in the interview that he hopes to get the vaccine approved by the end of the year and that it could possibly relegate most cancers to a "chronic disease" his words. The secret would still be to catch the cancer fairly early.Denis 

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J.R. and June
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You have been through a lot. I admire your strength and your willingness to get help.


I will be sending positive thoughts to you and your family.



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Hi Denis, 

Glad you got to the root cause and having a path forward. You'll be feeling the fog lift in no time.  Don

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I agree with Pat.  There has been so much hittting you while trying to remain focused and positive and strong.  Recognizing that we need a hand up, and knowing that it's not in our control to fix it ourselves in itself is a blessing.  Sometimes the road wer're on seems endless.  Then let's throw in the fear factor of that it's not in our control....(I'm type A personality) and that we have to give it to the higher power.  I too have crumpled, I too have felt everything you're experiencing.  Know Denis you are NOT walking this trip alone.  We have never met in person, and my words may seem to others as just words.  But we on this site have become allies of one another, and share many, many life experiences.  I know that you will be alright, that you will come out the other side stronger and willing and able to share your knowledge of this crappy road we find ourselves on.  Many hugs sent to you and yours my friend !  Katie 

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Was at therapy today, found out a lot about me, things I did not know but he nailed it. Feeling good about this doc and myself. Denis

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that you have a plan in place and that therapy is already helping.  It takes a strong person to fight this disease....and a stronger one to reach out for help like you have.  I pray for you to be put at ease and your stress to dissolve.  

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