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Hi, an introduction

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Hi everyone, i go by Sky, my beloved pup's name. Ive been pretty active at CC as Skypup. My story is kind of lucky, kind of rotten. Diagnosed 5.5 years ago (longevity is the good part); the bad part is that I'm mCRC and inoperable. I refused chemo when I was no longer curable in favor of doing an immunotherapy clinical trial, but after 8 months was symptomatic and so am on conventional therapy now, Folfiri plus Avastin. i don't know yet if it is doing any good. Anyway, I've been lurking and getting to know you, so here I am.  :-)

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Hi skypup...have followed your story on CC, but rarely do I post there. I look forward to your posts here and getting to know you better.

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Sorry you have to be here,but I hope the chemo works.Hang in there and keep going.We are here if you have any questions,or just need to vent.Good luck.

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Welcome !!


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