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Rainbow of Hope?

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I'm brand new to the forum and just wanted to say Hi!

I was diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer mets to the liver in July of this year. Thankfully I've never had any issues with swallowing so I think even though my cancer is inoperable I'm at much earlier stage than a lot of folks when they find out they have EC. I'm also only 52 so I'm still on the younger side of things. I live in Maryland and have been getting all my treatments through the wonderful oncology staff at Georgetown University Hospital. My oncologist, Michael Pishvaian has been simply wonderful and I truly believe this is a doctor who personally cares about his patients.

I started off with Folfox6 and have had 5 infusions. I thought I was doing fairly well in handling the nausea but the good doctor thought otherwise and suggested a new clinical trial. Given my statistical life expectancy and the fact that he said this drug had little to no side effect I figure I had absolutely nothing to lose. So last month I started on the MedImmune trial MEDI4736.  It's one of the new Anti-PD-L1 drugs that Roche and Merck have had in trials and have had some fairly good results with.

I've had 3 infustions and I'm going in for my first follow up CT Scan and Liver biopsy next week. My oncologist already warned me not to be too hopeful. Apparently for a lot of people on this trial the first CT Scan is showing growth in the tumors - the theory however is that the growth is due to increased T cell activity which of course sounds like a very good thing.

I don't know if this new drug will be the magic bullet but there are definitely some new sheriffs in town and at least for some participants these drugs do what chemo can't and that's provide a rainbow of hope.

Warm regards to all,



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Hello Mike,

Let us know how you get on. wish you all the best,


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my diagnosis 18 months ago similar to yours.  Spots on liver, neck etc. I did have some difficulty swallowing.Herceptin was my magic bullet, and now scans showing nothing for the time being at least. I'm feeling really well, and really not thinking about cancer that much now.  Hope this drug one does the same for you.

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Thank you.  Is Herceptin for showing postive for HER2?  Unfortunately I don't fall into that category.

Wow, don't really think that much about cancer..... I can't even imagine getting back to that point in my life again. I'm more than a bit jealous Tongue Out

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