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This is my first post so I thought it would be best  to provide some basic information about myself and my experience with kidney cancer .

I am male , 60 years of age. I was diagnosed with stage four Renal Cel Carcinoma in March of 2011 .

I had a laproscopic nephrectomy of my left kidney in April of that year after which I was found to have a tumor in my abdomin and another in my left lung . I went on Sutent for five months during which time the tumors continued to grow . In December of 2011 I started in a clinical trial of BMS-936558 , now known as Nivolumab . In February 2012 the tumors began to shrink and by March they had completely disappeared . I am still getting Nivolumab every three weeks and will continue as long as no new tumors show up or until Nivolumab is approved for use . I hope that day comes soon so more people can benefit . It breaks my heart to see so many people suffer when there are a number of promissing treatments just on the horizen.

Never give up the fight . Always try to keep a positive attitude .

I am very thankful for the existance of this forum and hope I can add something helpful to it .

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Thanks for posting. We just love happy endings here on CSN. - BDS

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Thanks Frank..!  Keep on being NED..!!


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Wonderful post, Frank! Thank you for sharing! It shows us that there are great drugs out there and they are going to be ready soon for everyone! So great that you are doing well! Keep up the good work!

I am alive
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Thank you for taking the time to post your wonderful news, Frank. I am thrilled for you and for all of us.Your situation is exactly what we all pray for. It's good to know that it is REAL! It CAN happen! And yes, it is AMAZING! Look at the drugs, like Nivolumab, that they've come up with in the last handful of years and imagine what will be available in the next handful. These are exciting times and there is everyreason to stay positive. I wish you continued longevity on Nivolumab.

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I was also diagnosed in march 2011. I had enough mets by oct to play offense and defense in a football game. I started nivolumab and almost all mets were knocked out by june 2013. I did develope a few new ones and was bumped from the trial. But since I've had 4 rounds of IL-2. I hope to be as fortunate as you. I'll find out after scans in early dec. We need more positive outcomes here.

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Thanks for all the kind words guys .

There really are quite a number of very promissing new treatments for kidney cancer being investagated right now . I hate that approval takes so long . I read that Nivolumab has been fast tracked for approval . Of course Nivolumab won't work for everyone and maybe it wont work forever for anyone , but other new treatments are on the way . I really do think that researchers are begining to get a grip on the role the immune system can play in defeating cancer . I  pray that the day everyone can benefit from some form of treatment arrives very , very soon .

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