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Marie Who Loves Kitties her sister passed away from cancer

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Marie's loving sister passed away 1:50 AM Friday morning, with Marie and her family by her side when she left our world and onto her spirit path to another. Cancer has taken another life.

I am so sorry for your loss Marie, we are here for you.

Luv and hugs,

Winter Marie

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Marie, I am so sorry for your loss.  My condolences to you and your family.  You were a wonderful sister and you did your very best to support her throughout her illness.  May be rest in peace.  Please look after yourself!

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My heart hurts for you and for your family.

Hugs and love~AA

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So sorry that your sister has passed, but I'm glad that you were by her side.  You are a loving sister.  My sympathies to you and your family.


Cathleen Mary
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Dear Marie,

I am so sorry to hear of your sister's death.  What a blessing you have been to her!  Pleas know that you are in my heart and prayer.  I also pray that everyone have a 'Marie' in their life.



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I'm very sorry for your loss marie.We have lost another person to cancer,I will be praying for her and you.

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My sincerest thank you to all who posted here and on the other thread.  Your support means the world to me.

We buried my sister today.  While it was hard on all, particularly our parents, the rituals of death are now done and we must move on to all the business which surrounds the death of someone who left a multitude of medical bills and not much else.

While once I spent my time searching for information in an effort to give her more time, now I am learning the legal ins and outs on how to settle things.

Cancer's reach and impact are so wide reaching.

May each and every one of you and all those who may yet come, make each day as joyful as possible.

My love and thoughts are with you all.

Marie who loves kitties

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that your sister has passed. May you be comforted by the good memories you shared. ~ Cynthia

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I am so sorry to hear of your sisters passing. You have been such a blessing to people on this board that it doesn't seem fair. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. She is no longer suffering. I hope you may find peace in knowing she is in a better place. God Bless you and your family.

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Nana b
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My condolences, so sorry Marie!

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for the loss of our sister.  I hope that you and your family can find peace in happy memories and in the knowledge that she is no longer in pain  Traci

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You were the best sister one could have.  Your sister is now at peace.  

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So sorry to hear that your sister passed away Marie. My deepest sympathies.



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So sorry Marie. Ron.

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My heart goes out to you and all your family for the loss of your sister. She is in a better place with infinite happiness and no Pain .My condolences to you all!!!

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So sorry to hear that your sister lost her battle. My condolences to you & your parents.



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I'm so sorry, Marie.  My condolences on the passing of your sister for you and your family.  I know what a fine job it was that you did on trying to help both your sisters and your parents understand what they were really up against.

Death is still very hard no matter what,.....I learned that with my dad's passing. 

The legal arm of death is quite another arena to battle in....and I sincerely hope that her estate will be manageable and you will be able to settle all necessary ends to help bring that part to an end. 

I understand this must be quite hard on your parents as well....I wish hope and peace for all of you during the coming days and nights.

Thanks for posting for me even with all that you've had going on....you and Kim make quite the team:)

I'm sorry I wasn't there for this thread, but wanted to echo the sentiments of the entire community by standing by you now. 


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I hope that you can accept my condolences for your loss.  These are hard posts for me since my heart has such pain as I writer.



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So sorry for your loss Marie, you are in my thoughts. To loose anybody is hard but a sibbling really hurts, they are part of our youth.

Many hugs, Marjan

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We are so sorry for your loss Miss Marie.


Linda and Mom

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so so sorry for this news Marie.....


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So sorry for your loss.

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We are sorry to hear of your loss Marie!   We are sending our thougths and prayers to you and your family to find strength in this time of loss.


Best Always,  mike

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Please accept my condolences Marie.  I am sorry for your loss and continue to keep you and your family in prayers. 

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