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Anniversary time ! A bit off the subject but relevant !

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Hello Everyone !

Today Rolie and I celebrate our silver anniversary !  25 yrs together !  It's been a exciting and sometimes bumpy ride.  I also am celebrating 2 yrs. of being dx'd with adenoid cystic carcinoma.  And still fighting the good fight.  For the past two yrs. it's been a wild ride of what if's and waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I have let depression creep in this yr. a bit because for the last two Decembers our holidays were spent in the hospital with me recovering from surgeries.  I was a bit sneeky this yr. and put out my re-check til the middle of Dec.  I won't let this disease control my life.  Today we embrace the happiness of another wonderful year together, and put the stress of our illnesses on the back burner for today !  Hugs sent out to all !  And to the new members please live, laugh and love and know we stand together always !  Katie

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Happy 25th anniversary!!  That's exciting and such a sweet thing to read this morning.  I pray y'all are blessed with many, many more together.  You are such an amazing woman...a true warrior!  ((HUGS))

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katie, we always love to hear things  we can celebrate here and this is awesome!!  25 yrs is a big deal.  i hope and pray you have another 25.  enjoy your anniversary and know we are celebrating with you!

God bless you,


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Congrats to you & Rolie. I hope you have a very special day, full of love & laughter.



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Congratulations on 25. Over that many years together, life certainly does have its ups and downs but being able to enjoy the best and rough stuff over the years shows the depth and stregth of your committment to each other. My wife and I have been together now 35 years and getting through this cancer patch certainly has been stressful at times but could not think of a better partner for the journey. best to you! Don

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together, now let's shoot for the gold!


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We are all about anniversaries here, 3, 6, 9, 12 month, 2, 3, 4, 5 years, lump found, dx, post treatment, scans, appointments, swallowing, food, abi-normal, H&N forum….to name a few.

Now anniversaries for love, which is indeed special and deserves a good, shout out.  Congratulations!

If you can get that depression to follow you up to Phrannie’s barn, we will rope and tie it and get rid of it for you.

Keep enjoying the good things!


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Katie, congrats on 25. My wife and I hit the 25 yr mark this past April. Hell, 25 yrs of marriage is hard enough without tossing cancer into the mix. I could not agree more with your decision to put anything C related on the back burner. Live each day "your way" and you drive the cancer bus, never let it drive you.

All the best!!


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Congrats and Happy Anniversary! 

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and many many more!  I'm so glad you got sneaky this year.....experience pays off....as it should.  You and Rollie have an excellent day...you are absolutely one of my favorite people....


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Dang, I thought you were barely over that age... You sure you weren't married at 10 years old... Tongue Out




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Congradulations to the second Katie in my life. I celebrated 25 years with my Katie this past March 17th. Enjoy your special day and every one you spend together.


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It is relevant!  Have a beautiful 25th Anniversary and many more!

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Congrats on anniversary...I just celebrated my 20th with my husband on Oct 15!



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