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Dawne update

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Dawne has been back in the hospital since Thursday night. She has been having a very rough time with fluid accumulating in her left lung. The cancer has spread to her left lung now. She has had fluid drained 4 times in a little less than 2 weeks, 3 times last week. She has gone in to heart failure and had a very scary episode when she went in to respiratory distress yesterday. They had planned on placing a drain in her lung but cannot do that because it is to risky to put her to sleep. I wish you could all know Dawne. She is amazing she is fighting like a champ, she has such a strong spirit. Her family is with her and take the very best of care of her. Please keep her and her family in your prayers and thoughts. God Bless you all

                                           (((hugs))) Janice

New Flower
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Janice thank you,

 It breaks my heart to know that Dawne is having a hard time and in the hospital. Sending her positive thoughts and hugs.

 Thank you Janice 


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Janice please let her know that she is in my prayers.  I am so very sorry to hear of this.

Lynn Smith
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I think about her alot and what a fighter she is. It's so hard knowing what she's having to go through.Just not fair.It's one thing after another.Her family is by her side and helping her through this. It has to be wearing them down but they won't give up. 

Thoughts and Prayers to Dawne, her family and friends. I will think of her daily.

Thank You Janice for this update.

Lynn Smith

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Bless her heart.  Must be difficult for you also.

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Please tell her that we are thinking of her. I am sorry she has to go through so much.

Hugs to Dawne and you, Carmen

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Dawne has always been a fighter, but she also comes across with such asweet spirit. I will continue to pray for her, her family and you too. This disease is just so hard on everyone associated with it.
Hugs prayers and positive thoughts alll rolled together.
Love Carol

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Jean 0609
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I will continue to keep Dawne and her family in my prayers.





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Keeping Dawne in my prayers for strength and rest~


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and blessings to her wonderful family.  Thank you for checking in w/us, Janice.  Hugs, Linda

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with SPIRIT.  I am a loss for words when I hear/know that a procedure or surgery is needed, but can not be performed due to the impact it may have on the patient by putting them into a twightlight sleep.  It makes Dawne's issues so surreal. 

Prayers and Strength for our beloved Dawne.


Vicki Sam

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to Dawne and her family.

You, too, Janice.




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Still sending prayers.  How is she doing today?  I think of her a lot and what a strong person she is.



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I am sorry to hear she is having such a tough time.  I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.  {{hugs}} to both of you.


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All my Prayers and Positive Thoughts are going to Dawne & her family. I am so sorry to hear how hard Dawne is fighting this "beast" & the trouble with not being able to have a procedure to help her get some relife. God Bless you ,Dawne, and "Fight like a Girl."

Thank you,Janice,for all the up-dates on our sister,Dawne. I'm praying for you to have the strenght to get through this,being so close to Dawne must really be hard on you,too. You are a great friend and a saint to me for all that you are going through also. Again, thanks for everything.

A Pink Hearted Brother,


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Keep checking but have not seen anything. 

Keeping the Hope and Prayers going.


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any updates would be greatly appreciated - when time permitting.  Continued prayers.


Vicki Sam

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Thank you so much Janice for the update. I wish I have had the chance to know her better but she is on my mind a lot esp. with the heart failure. I had congrestive heart failure a year after my 1 year in remission so I can relate to what she is going through. I had blood clots in my legs, lung and heart. Please tell her that I send her my love, lots of cyberhugs and lots of prayers.


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Tel Dawn my prayers are with her.


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I'm praying for her and her family,this is so hard to hear this time of year.~~MollyZ~~

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Christmas Girl
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So many of us here, including me, continue to keep Dawne within hopeful thoughts & prayers. I imagine it's not easy for you to keep us 'in the loop' with such difficult news. Each time I log on, I scan for your posts.

Dawne possesses a truly inspiring & amazing spirit. I hope & pray her body can keep pace.

(((Hugs))) for you, Janice.

Kind regards, Susan

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