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Gag reflex

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The tissue in the back of my throat is starting to swell from the treatments and it seems to invoke my gag reflex just from talking sometimes. Anyone else deal with this? Do you get used to it?


God Bless,


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Yes, activation of the gag reflex is more prevalent during treatments.  Matter-of-fact, even today if I try hard to clear the back of my throat I might gag.  Before rads I could hack up a loogie without any trouble, but not anymore.  It is like my throat is not as flexible as it once was.  Throat clearing time can get pretty intense as treatments progress.  Just be prepared to go where no throat has gone before (other than another H&N throat).



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Oh my gosh...I was gagging on my own spit, drinking water, or from talking.  It's a tough one to deal with...I ended up carrying a spit bag around with me.  Very classy, huh?  haha  You gotta do what you gotta do! 

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Rob took his trash can everywhere he went.. In the car, bedroom, moms house. you name it it was his best friend for a couple of months.

And of all the things that was killing me was the spitting. I am always yelling at the boy about spitting. I cleaned up vomit, took care of oozing things, came up with crazy food concoctions and the spitting was on my last nerve. yet i could not complain.

So glad that is over


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