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Spindle Cell Sarcoma in my right calf...

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I was just diagnosed with a Grade 3 tumor/stage 3 Spindle cell cancer in my right calf...

The tumor is 10X10X20 centimeters and I'm currently about 10 radiation treatments in an expected to do 28 total...

After radiation I'm supposed to wait 4-6 weeks of rest followed by surgery...

There hasn't been any talk of treatment after this...

Wondering if anyone has had a similar type of situation and:

-What's the surgery/recovery like?

-Did you have to do chemo and what is the criteria for chemo vs. no chemo after surgery?

After 10 treatments I feel tired but all in all ok,  is this the only side effect that I'll experience?

Thanks in advance!

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hey there, 


I am glad to hear your are recieving treatment and that it is going well so far!! 

I just posted about my fathers sarcoma in the left arm. His dr. has suggested pre-op chemo, not sure about post, though he didnt seem too sure about the chemo either way. 


What type of implications did they mention about your surgery, if you dont mind me asking? Will they need to remove part/all of the muscle in your calf? any nerve implicaitons?


Stay strong!!



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Thanks for your post... My tumor is large and it's in a small area. They think they'll have to take part of the nerve and blood vessel. Not sure they'll know till after radiation. I have 10 treatments left-a bit tired but that's it!

My Dr. said pre-op chemo wouldn't be beneficial so that's why we are going the radiation route...

Hope your father is doing well!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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