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Did anyone hear fom Westie.

love P

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This summer:  http://csn.cancer.org/node/261159

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I found this link there ..


I woke up with a heavy heart. She brought me comfort as I was coming to terms with this illness.

Patsie (previous name wanttogetwellsoon)



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I had wondered the past few months and was hoping.....well, hoping beyond hope.  

Cheryl was one of the first people I contacted when I found this board.  My mom and her had emailed several times as they both share the same cancer (peritoneal, secondary to gallbladder cancer). When mom's doctors first told her she had between 7-10 months, Cheryl was there with inspiring words that she was living proof not to listen to those scary numbers.  I know that some cancers are similar, but gallbladder is quite rare and there are few people to share experiences with. 

Her smiling face and love for her Charlotte (Her west highland terrier) are the memories I will carry with me.  My mom also has a westie named Zoe and she brings her great joy and friendship.  

Peace to you Cheryl. 


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So so sorry to hear of Westie's passing.   She was wonderfully supportive to me when I first joined and was full of questions and doubt.   She will be sadly missed.


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