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New and Confused (cervix)

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Just after some info or if anyone experienced the same. Went for a routine pap smear on the 5th, referred by GP for a colposcopy as she wasn't happy with look of my cervix. Said it was red, bumpy and bleeds when touched. Anyway 3 days later I got my results back...'normal'. Naturally confused. Went for my colp on the 14th and much wasn't even away apart from saying cervix was very inflamed. 3 biopsies were taken and I was booked in for an ultrasound in 2 weeks time. If the scan routine? So confused right now :/ 

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Glad that you are getting this taken care of.  I had similar issue.  Cervix bleed when touched but pap normal.  Had ultrasound, that was normal too.  Diagnosed with cervical ectropion.  Three months later diagnosed with stage 2a adenosquamous carcinoma of the cervix.  Sometimes doctors are wrong.  Make sure you continue to pursue is and insist on answers for your symptoms.  How do you feel otherwise?  I will be hoping for the best for you.  Hugs.

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and ccfighter (as she did), and the other cervical warriors will chime in.  (I am a uterine sister who visits the other gynecological cancer warriorettes).  One woman at work came to me because she was having gynecological issues.  They are doing tests on her and can't find anything.  I told her, tell them you work with someone who was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and want to MAKE SURE.

Same advice ccfighter gave you.  Make them check out all possibilities.  I know doctors must hate the internet and all the information we read, but it is a powerful tool to help all of us. 

If they find anything, you will want a gynecological oncologist to help you through this.  But one step at a time.  Find out what it is and ask the lovely ladies here anything.

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Thank you both for your reply :) I have gone google mad, prob not best thing to do but way I see it theres people out there with similar stories. I find it helps. 

Im just so baffled cos the gp basically told me I had suspected cervical cancer and losing mum to same thing 14yrs ago, I found it hard to digest. I hate this waiting game. I thought they would have known more when I had the colposcopy, whether it was an infection or something more.


I feel fine otherwise...I think lol

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Have you heard back from the biopsies yet?  I'm hoping and praying for you that it's something simple!  

I had a visible tumor observed during the birth of my son.  The Dr. did a Pap and it came back negative.  He didn't like the fact that it was this visible thing so he took a biopsy.  It came back invasive adenocarcinoma of the cervix.    I was lucky that my Dr. was annoyed by it.  We've had conversations since about how I almost didn't go to the appt. and he almost didn't do the biopsy because I had no symptoms.  

When something isn't as it should be, keep pushing until you get a reason for it.

Best of luck!

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