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CSN sisters and brothers How are you doing? Please check-in

New Flower
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How are you doing? CSN sisters and brothers Please check-in 

Approaching holidays keep us busy and occupied. Medical appointments take additional time and for some of us are almost like a full-time job. I have been wondering how everybody is doing especially those who have not posted for a long time.

Please tell us a little bit about what is going on in your life or just that you are Ok. Weather you are a silent reader or every day participant, newbie or old member, in remission or active treatment, on FaceBook or different cancer website we will be happy to hear from you.

We Do Care


New Flower

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I'll admit that I am more of lurker-reading posts for information about treatments and lately reconstruction, than an active participant on this board. I recently found a facebook diep flap page that I am more active on and highly recommend it to other women considering or having had a diep flap reconstruction. But recently I've come back to the boards at least once a week and I feel that it's because of a connection to the survivors here.

I am now two years post mastectomy, almost 2 years post chemo and radiation. My relationship with my husband is getting back on track with the help of a great therapy group, and I am 3 1/2 months post diep flap surgery (stage 1) and very happy with the results. Stage 2 will be either this spring or next fall.

My son and almost 2 year-old grandson were home for Christmas and it was the best holiday that I have had since my dad past away from lung cancer 10 years ago. 

The past is yesterday-I can't change it; it has changed me. I am a lucky woman and choose to look to the future in a positive way.

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I've not posted much. Mostly because a lot of the details have moved into a part of my brain not accessed much. I start the count at diagnosed date which is year 2003. So by my count that is ten years.


The year 2006 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's . I've been struggling with that . Parkinson's is not something which is cured. But life goes on. Oldest son is married and other son will marry In June. Had to have our dog put to sleep. She had four tumors and in much pain. We moved to Indiana where many relatives live and visit our kids in the Winter.


i'm not taking any meds for cancer, I am taking two meds for PD.


My DH retired . Boy does this change our life. He is learning how to cook and bake. Part of me thinks this is because at some point I'm     

not going to be able to do it. So he has decided to start with baking pies. We've eaten three pies in three weeks. I think I've gained a few pounds. I told DH if we keep this up I will be so round that he will be able to roll me around instead of a wheelchair. Ha ha.

Hugs to all.



New Flower
Posts: 4299
Joined: Aug 2009

Healthy New Year! if we are healthy everything is possible. Sorry to read about family losses and happy learning about grandchildren and children getting married. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, humor and family news

to me our CSN is our second family, and We Do care, cherish friendship, cry and laugh together

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helen e
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I will be going off Tamoxifen in December and I can't wait! All my tests have been great. I am still trying to get used to my "new" body. Still hard to look in the mirror even though I've had reconstruction and it turned out beautiful. It's all in my head though so I'll be alright.

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6 years out do great



New Flower
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Joined: Aug 2009

Glad to see familiar faces and about great news

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Feeling OK at the moment (even tho I threw up tonight)  Booked to go on a 2 month holiday to England (where I come from) Worried about drugs (can I get 2 month supply?)  Worried about dog (broke her jaw the day after boxing day and now has to have root canal work at the end of feb)  Worried about house (who will collect the mail?  water the plants?  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh buggerrrrrr) All this worry, and I am going to England on my Grand Farewell Tour.  I hate this, cancer sucks!  Jxx


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Great idea, New Flower!!


Life is good.  DH & I have a 4 year old grandson who we don't get to see as often as we would like.  Our daughter & son-in- law adopted him out of foster care.  He has been in their home for 18 months-- the adoption was final the week before Christmas!!  Best present ever!  We are taking them on a Disney Land/Sea trip next week to celebrate the adoption & the return of my son-in-law from a 6 month deployment.  I'll be thinking of you Cypress Cynthia!!

Just got the all clear from MDAnderson 2 weeks ago.  It has been 2 years since the breast cancer.  They have put me in the "Survivorshp" category & I have graduated from every 6 month check ups to one year.  The thyroid cancer is still lingering in a couple of lymph nodes;  but the surgeon says "wait & watch" since it's not growing.  Was thinking that everything is going well until I woke up with my cancer breast red & hot this morning.  No fever, a little painful.  Now I'm trying to diagnos myself on Dr. Google!!  Yikes!! The only other thing is that I'm weaning  myself off Effexor that was prescribed for my horrible hot flashes after the lumpectomy.  I see a nutritionist/naturopath that has given me something that works on the hot flashes.  The weaning is NOT FUN!!  Lots of side effects!!


i don't post often but do check on you all & think of you!


Prayers for all!!


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...still NED on both breast and rectal cancer...only big event was my beau's new heart in July.  He is now doing so well that we can resume our traveling lifestyle, with just a bit of restrictions...


...just returned from a 4-day cruise up and down the Pacific coast on Princess...


Hugs to all, Kathi

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Hi - Thank you for checking in on all of us.

I haven't been on here in a while. I had had a few emergencies with pets and family. I went for my markers yesterday and they came back OK (thank God). Also, my blood work seems normal although I have been developing bruises all over, for no reason. I am also feeling tired a lot and very sleepy. I am still on tamoxifen.

I am now 35, 3 years post surgery. I cannot believe it. I want to have a child, badly. But my Onco wants me on tamox. for 10 years. I might take a break after 5 to have my baby. Why not.

I go for my GYN pap test this Friday. Yikes.

My next breast MRI is in August, followed by a mammo in Nov. OUCH!

I hope everyone is doing well here. I really miss this place a lot. I will stay in contact more often.


Love you all. XOXO


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