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Feeding tube care

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I had the feeding tube inserted exactly a week ago.  Yesterday, I notice a little redness with some yellowish pus around the tube where it comes out of the stomach.  I have been cleaning the area with alcohol wipes and finish with dapping hydrogen peroxide every hour or so.  I have no fever.

Is that normal for early on feeding tube placement? 

Any suggestions on cleaning the area?

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jim and i
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Nothing but soap and water to clean it with. Especially do not use peroxide it eats the tissue, it will never heal. If it has puss you need to call your doctor asap or go to emergency.


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OK, got it.  Just soap and water.

It seems to be dried now.

Thanks Jim

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is what I was told.  Mine looked a little "drainy" at first, but I started washing it in the shower (soap on a qtip to get all around it well) and then let the water gently rinse it away.  Keep it dried well, too.  Glad it's looking better :)

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My husband cleans the area around his feeding tube with some peroxide and then wipes it off every other day.  Doctor said that was good.  He also uses an antiobodic ointment.  He has had his feeding tube since May 2012 and hasn't ever had yellowish pus, although he has had some stomach acid which isn't unusual we were told.  I wouldn't use peroxide every hour.  Once or twice a day would be enough now and if it gets worse then I would call the doctor and especially if you start running a fever.   Does your insurance have a nurse on call 24/7?  I know a lot of them do, and if so I would call and tell them your problem.


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a half and half mixture of peroxide and saline solution (I'd just pour both into the cap of the saline bottle), and dip a q-tip into it and clean around the area.....Mine got sore towards the end with granulation, and I started using 3-way antibiotic salve on it.  The salve lubed it which really helped in keeping it from getting sore.

I figured if it takes 2 weeks for an ear piercing to heal, it has to take at least 3 or 4 for a piercing of this size.... Laughing 


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I loosen mine off in the shower so the water pours down, once its rinsed clean, I push it into my stomach a little way and turn the tube. this stops it growing into the stomach lining. then dry with a clean cloth, drying the fastening thoroughly then refasten it firmly. if there's some loose tube beneath the clip it needs to be fixed tighter. If it's too loose you,ll get a leak. The secret to keep tube and skin healthy is to clean each day and make sure before you clip it together the tube and clip are bone dry.

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Jim, your doctor can give the best advice, but all these comments are the same thing my doctor told me. Soap and water is great, alcohol swabs are fine. The main thing is to keep it clean every day. Redness around the entry is not unusual, and neither is stomach acid or contents of the liquid you use in the tube leaking out (in very small amounts) around the entry. Try your best to keep it clean and dry.

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