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Hello old friends …

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I do not come to the board often anymore after my husband passed over the summer.  This has made me feel that I do not have much courage as there are others here that stay to help long after their loved ones are gone.  I just have not found my way yet to have a helpful voice for those of you who are suffering this dreadful disease and the sadness of losing even more in the past months ... well, sometimes it is simply too much.  My heart begs for your road to be easy and that you may find a way to have long lives.  Love one another.  Peace to you all. -- Cynthia

P.S. Thank you for including my husband on the recent list of those who have left us.

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The fact that visit this site shows a tremendous amount of courage after what you have been through. Thank you for posting and caring about the rest of us who are still in the trenches.

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Thanks for your post.  I, also, do not post very often.   But I do continue to read and post a few times a week.  Giving encouragement to those still suffering does help so I encourage you to do so.  

Welcome back - Tina

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Thank you for your courage even after the loss of your husband.

We are all there for you and appreciate you checking in when you can.

All the best.

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It is good to see you here, but we all understand why you would want to keep clear. Its early days, and  you need to take whatever time you need to mourn the loss of your beloved husband. 

I know there will come a day when you feel more comfortable popping back in and sharing your experience, but until then, please don't feel any guilt. 


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to see you come and visit.i can not imagine the loss of a spouse but my mother (wolfen) is still hurting badly as is our whole family but i do understand her loss is different.please feel free to come around when you can as there are many here who have lost spouses(((hugs)))...Godbless...johnnybegood

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but I also totally understand why you wouldn't feel like visiting here too often.  There are many sad memories.

Even when you're not here, we keep you in our hearts!

Lots o' love~AA

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It is nice to hear from you and especially to know that, like some of us, you are moving forward, albeit with "baby steps". Some days we still fall or just want to hide under the covers, but somehow we keep moving. I now belong to a local widows support group which is helpful to a certain extent, but nothing is a substitute for the constant pain & loneliness. For me time is not healing the wound, only cutting it deeper.

I am usually reading posts, but do not comment unless I can offer something helpful, or most recently advising our friends about JBG & asking for their love & prayers.

If you ever just need to talk, PM me. I too, was married for a very long time & now feel lost most of the time.



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Posts: 631
Joined: Jan 2010

for your kind words of support. I hope to be able to be more present. I carry a piece of each of you in my heart and will never, ever forget the genuine kindness extended to me here during some of the darkest days of my life. -- Cynthia

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