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how often do you have your scans?

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Hi all!!! Just wanted to ask how often do you get your regular check ups and scans? dad had radical neph in July and got his first scans 3 months later, result was NED (thanking God for that). tumor was 4 cm, stage 3 due to fat invasion, grade 2. Doctor was optimistic that theyy got all the cancer and ordered the next scan to be in 6 months time.  i did ask to the dr whether it would be better f we have the next scans sooner, like in 3 months time, but he said it was too soon. what do u think? highly appreciate your inputs. thank u.

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Hi Siluet, glad they feel they got it all and the scans were NED! Me, i would prefer to have the scans in between the 3-6 months, if possible! Just for the reason of fat invasion and grade 3.  For a small size tumor, such as that, it is surprising it went into the fat.  Do you have the path report? What type of RCC? Any Sarcomatoid features?  See if they can do 4 month scans. Are you seeing an Oncologist?  Also, did they do full body pet/ct scans?  I always recommend it even though most doctors say you don't need it!  Hopefully they are right and he is clear and will keep clear. But for the the first year or so I would err on the side of caution. Let's see what the others say. Alot of people here with alot more experience than me that would be happy to give their inputs.  All the best to you and your dad!

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From what I see and hear, generally the stage 3 or 4 get scanned typically every 3 months for like 2 years then go to 6 months.  Earlier stages start at 6 months then go to 1 year, then 2 years.   Now this seems to vary from Dr to Dr. but this seems to be the most common.  I am sure others will chime in as well..

Be Well All..!!


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Three to six, months for the first year, than six months to annually for five years and than as needed thereafter.  After five years I have been having an ultrasound each year as they are watching cysts in the other Kidney. A lot of factors go into the doctor's decision as to when and what to scan. These include his experiences, peer reviews, cost, insurance, path reports, blood work, physical symtoms and complaints, tolorance of contrast, and intuition. If it was a magical interval the nurse could handle the scheduling. Depending on the results of each scan the Doctor may channge the next scan(s) to a larger or shorter interval or a different scan.


Do not get hung up on minor scheduling differences between what A had and what B had.



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having scans every 6 weeks for about 2 years? That was my schedule when I was on the trial drug MDX-1106 or now known as nivolumab. I'm in a different boat now. No telling my frequency. That will come.

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I had my first scan two months after surgery.  It was NED.  The next scan is scheduled for three months after the first one.  Assuming that the second scan is also clean, I expect the doctor to put me on a six month schedule.  Praying for you.



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Scan intervals depends on so many factors that comparing is close to useless/impossible (unless someone has a 100% identical diagnosis/prognosis).

If you doubt your Dads oncs decision, have a second or third opinion, and ask under all circumstances him/her why he chooses this specific interval. For what its worth, 3 month first scan and then 6 month intervals when NED sounds like reasonable intervals with your fathers diagnosis.


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That was for T1b grade 4 (sarcomitoid).  At six months, a solitary met on the lung was found.  Now, it is every 3 months for now, will bump to six months, then one year.


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The very first scan was after 2 months.  I thought it was too soon to switch drugs...but we didn't know anything at the time.  Still struggling to learn.  Meds changed and had another 2 month scan.  Now scans are every 3 months pet/cts.  It's been almost 2 years of this.

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I'm in a trial for Nivolumab so the first year my scans were every six weeks. Now they are every twelve weeks .

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After 7 years, I don't think there is a hard and fast rule that oncologists follow.  I depends upon the Stage of the cancer at first Dx., if it was at Stage 4 and had mets and to what organ, if it recurred or developed in another organ after the first treatment (be it surgery, drugs, etc.), if it has recurred another time.

For the first year or so, usually every 3 months.  Then, 6 months.  By 5 years, they will stretch it to yearly, we hope.

But if anything else pops up, the scheduling may go back to 3 month intervals.

In my case, after the original surgery for Stage 4 with mets to the liver and nodes, I was on a 3 month scheldule for the 1st year.  A single node recurrence was found and removed.  The second year, I was on a 6 month schedule, when another recurrece was found and removed.  Over the following three years, I was almost to 6 month intervals, alternating a CT with Chest X-ray/Ultrasount of pelvis, when thyroid nodules were discovered.  A lot of tests later, they were determined to be benign; but it put me back on an every 3 month test schedule, again alternating CT with Xray/US.

When the use of drugs- trial, approved or otherwise enter the case, the monitoring of effectiveness and individual response and reaction are going to be of prime importance to the patient and the Dr.

In any event, let the treating physician be the guide, but don't hesitate to ask questions.  Good Luck.


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