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Day 14 in hospital - improving

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Hi Everyone,
We are spending our 14th night in the hospital tonight and things are moving along.  Looking back 2 weeks, I can't believe what terrible condition Dick was in when he entered the ER.  His pain was at a constant 9-10 and he was on heavy, heavy pain meds.  Pain was just relieved for about 15 minutes at a time.  After the surgery that Monday, things have very, very slowly been improving with slips back.  They were so worried about his kidney numbers and potassium and magnesium which help regulate the heart. 
The NG tube came out tonight and he is starting to sip clear liquids.  They are being very cautious which we support.  I am happy to say that the weather here is fantastic and we have been taking walks outside a couple times a day.  The next few days will be critical as they get him back on food.  Of course the hell of it is we are getting him healthy so he can go back on chemo.  Aghhhh.  But, I don't need to get ahead of myself.  I need to stay grateful for how he is doing today.  And, today we have laughed, taking a few walks, watched some good TV, hung out with his sister and he took a sip of Gatorade.  All is well today.
Thanks for all your love and support.

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I'm glad there is some improvement, and I will keep you both in my prayers.




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Nana b
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Good to hear!   Swallow test then off he goes!   Bug hug! 

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So glad to hear that things are improving. It is impotrant to celebrate every new step.

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(which means you get to have one too!).

Getting rid of that NG tube must have been a huge relief.  I really hate those things, even though I know they're needed sometimes.

Hope you continue to have lovely weather, and things just keep improving!


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We are sending our continued thoughts and prayers for you and Dick!   Sometimes recovery can take a while for the body to start up again and function correctly.   Keep up the positive attitude and you two will fight through this.


Best ALways!  mike

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I'm sharing in his bowel recovery but doing it outpatient. There are steps forward and steps back but I hope to get back to normal soon so that I can restart therapy as well. Best wishes to you both. 


Anonymous user (not verified)

Best wishes for continued recovery.  Like AA, I could live my whole life without ever having another NG tube.  I couldn't even swallow my own spit without gagging on that thing. If I ever have to have another one put in I will insist that after the gross contents have been removed and there is very little coming out after a day or so, I want the smallest (10 Fr) silicone tube to replace that garden hose.  Silicone is much softer and easier to tolerate.


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keeping us updated im sure glad dick is doing better i can only imagine what he has been thru having only spent  7 days in hospital recently i am still so very weak and can not eat very much.im glad he is able to get up to walk.im still waiting to hear when my colonoscopy will be to find out what happend with me not looking forward to it or restarting chemo  either but let dick know i am in his corner and thinking of him....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Ah dear Kathleen, your love just pours through your words. It's heart-warming to hear that you had those precious laughs, the good weather, the walk in the garden, and all those other small but beautiful things. As someone else has already said above, it's so important to celebrate. I pray for more beautiful things!

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What a great attitude you have.  Enjoying everyday as it comes is so critical in our circumstances.  

Continued healing and good days together.


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