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Partial blockage

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Anybody have advice for dealing with a partial bowel obstruction. Have spent the last 2 weeks trying to get back to where I can eat again. Have been trying liquids and moving up slowly but still having vomiting issues. Can't seem to get bowel back in sync even with reglan on board. Any help appreciated. 

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I don't have any experience with a partial blockage, thank goodness!  I do know that my Dad was on reglan for a few years for acid reflux and developed hand tremors from it.  Also, I gave some to my cat once for vomiting, per the Vet's orders, and he became psycho kitty!  He stood on the comforter and bit the comforter repreatedly until he put a hole in it.  He also walked down the hall with my husband biting his ankles.  We had to lock him out of the bedroom that night.  Never again!

Just be careful with the reglan and stop treatment as soon as possible.  I hope your partial blockage resolves itself quickly.  Traci


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Hey Tedd

I just had an obstrution a couple of weeks ago....lots of pain in the abdomen o the right side....turned out to be appendix...it had perforated and leaked all over the inisde of the ab cavity.  Prior to that, everythginbg slowed down and just stopped passing.....the pain trying to go or not go was inredible.

My other obstructiuon was when I first did colon resection....bowel twisted causing issues but resolved on own back in hospiotal..

Hope you get this resolved.....know how badly it can hurt.

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I don't know what's causing your particular obstruction of course, but Rick had to have a stent put in his colon at the obstruction point.  It was small operation, and it helped with the pain.  Just a thought...

Take care,


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With all of my partial blockages, I had surgery to remove them.  Do you Juice?   I got a lot of nutrition from juicing and that puts less stress on the digestive tract.


We are sending our thoughts and prayers for a positive outcome.


Best Always,  mike

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As you know, Dick is in the hospital after an obstruction.  He was admitted via the ER 2 weeks ago.  They thought at first that it might be food getting stuck but it ended up being the small bowel wrapped around adhesions.  It would not have resolved on his own and he had to have surgery and it was just in time.  He was very ill when they decided to do surgery.  So, you may need to go in for a scan to make sure it is not a twist.

Best to you.



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