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Where is the best hospital/ dr. in the Baltimore or Washington Dc Area for Carcinosarcoma mmmt?

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Would like to get a second opinion regarding the carcinosarcoma Ive had for the last 2 and 1/2 years.It has now metastasized to my liver.Two lesions smaller than a centimeter in liver,and 1.4 centimeter on exterior of liver.My drs.don't seem to want to operate to take them out,but chemo certainly isn't getting rid of it.They developed whlie I was on Taxotere/Carboplatin.Would truly like to have them surgically removed if I could find someone to do it.I just turned 57,and if it weren't for this darn cancer Iam in pretty good shape.

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I can recommend the mid Atlantic pelvic surgery and gyn oncology group.  They are wonderful.  Can't be specific for MMMT, I am cervical cancer, but my surgeon is great and the whole team is held in high esteem by their peers.  Check the top doctors magazine for the area as well as Washingtonian Magazine.  John Hopkins and NIH are also valuable tools, even when shopping and gathering info On treatments and doctors.  Good luck.  If those are your only mets, I would definitely be pushing for surgery.  Hugs.

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I am being treated at Mid-Atlantic Urogynegology and Pelvic Surgery in Annandale, VA. Dr. Elkas is one of the top physicians in our area. He is also affiliated with Johns Hopkins and Betheda Hospital. i think that any of the physicians in the practice will take good care of you. Good luck.



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I had surgery at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore with Dr. Neil Rosenshein & have been very happy with the care I received.


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