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First CAT Scan -- NEGATIVE :)

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Best news ever, NED!  While my husband has had scopes since finishing tx in June, this was his first scan.   We feel like we can now enjoy our daughters wedding (the end of this month) the Holidays... And Life in general. What a roller coaster this has been over this past year.  I know we will continue on this journey- but it sure was nice to get good news for once!

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and you're right....it changes everything.....like a weight is off, and the future gets so bright....I love that feeling.  Congrats to him.


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Just saw your happy news. So glad to see that NED is in your corner. Hope the wedding is perfect.



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FANTASTIC!!!!  I'm doing the "I met NED" happy dance for you.  Enjoy the wedding, holidays, and LIFE!!

God bless you,


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I had a strange day, so this was FANTASTIC to see before I turned in for the night!  Congrats!!!  :)

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For many (but unfortunately not all) cancer patients, there is life after diagnosis and treatments.  That life will have a new perspective, so count your blessings and get on with the rest of your lives. If that includes staying on CSN and helping others get to where you are--all the better.



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And the scan confirms another NED, Congratulations!


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Awesome news....

I knew he had it in him, now he doesn't... Foot in Mouth

Best ~ John

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