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Check up

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just a quickie update then I,ll leave my worries behind me. onc dentist yesterday....mouth Ok next appt Jan. Clinic today and the speech therapist got me swallowing thickened water. apparently thicker liquid is easier to drink than pure water. my tongue had tightened with the scar tissue and didn,t push the thin water down, it's still difficult but at least the swallow is still there. I got my voice back in a husky broken sort of way but its back for now. I posted this for newbies that probably will go through the same ups and downs and worries. mon is my first real examination with a camera...........

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So nice to hear you feel better (mentally) even if you still feel lousy.   I always look forward to them snaking the camera up my nose to look down at my base of tongue.

Have fun and stay on top.


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