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Tripple wammy

Mike Austin
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Joined: Nov 2013

I had leukemia (AML) 15-years back and put it behind me... Till this last March, I was diagnosed with kidney and bladder cancer. Fortunately stage-1 noninvasive for both. The kidney was removedn and several locations on the ladder were removed. Thats the scary part... About four locations on the bladder. I dont want to think of the quality of life if I loose my bladder etc. So far so good. after 3-months no sing or recurrance. I stugle with feeling lonely and afraid. I know Ive done this before but this time its affecting me differently. I feel all alone and scared...I work out almost every day and look really good! 178 lbs at 6-foot and six pack abb. Best look in my life. But it is only a cover for how I feel inside.. I need a support group because no one understands.......

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Proud Nana
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Joined: Nov 2013

I just found this site, so I am new to this. I had advasive bladder cancer I was a stage two when they found it.  I did loose my bladder, at first I thought how will I ever get use to this I have lived most of my life at one beach or another always have enjoyed the water. I am slowly getting use to it and the things I have to do to take care of it. I have to say even though I have been with my boy friend for almost 6 years its still hard for him to see it. I am finding out that I can still do most of everything I did before. they tell me I can even swim, I haven't learned that one yet. The biggest problem I have is clothing I have to find pants (not jeans) that doesn't hurt my scar and squeeze my stoma and shirts that hang long enough so the bag isn't noticable. For a girl thats hard. I know how you feel and I also know that many people do not understand all that we have been through. I hope to find some type of support on here as well.

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