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Celebrating tonight

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We returned from our wonderful trip to Australia and New Zealand.  We saw amazing sights.  Such spectacular scenery.  We started at northern Austalia and went to the south.  Then we went to New Zealand.  We started in the south then went to the north.  We covered a lot of area in planes, trains, boats and buses.  The longest we were in any one place was three nights.  We lived out of our suitcases for 25 days.  

We have adjusted to the current day and time.  New Zealand was 15 hours ahead of the Midwest.  We left New Zealand at 10:45 pm on Thursday.  We flew 12 hours and arrived in LA at 2:00 pm Thursday.  Strange!  

The reason I am celebrating is that I went to the doctor today.  my last Ca 125 done 8 weeks ago was 721.   Today it was 534.  I never thought the number would go down without chemo.  I do not understand why it dropped, but I am celebrating that it did go down.  I know different labs can have different results.  The last one was in IL, and this one was in FL.   I continue to feel good.

I will have repeat lab in 8 weeks.  I will have a scan if I develop symptoms, or if I have a spike in the marker.   I have never had any symptoms.  

It has been 5 years since I first heard that dreaded "C" word.  I hope that my story gives encouragement to others.  The CA -125 is just a number.  Continue to live each day to the fullest.  That is what I plan on doing until mynextlab test.  In peace and caring.

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Congratulations Ro.  Maybe your body benefited from a rest and the relaxation of a holiday...no stress, even with the busy schedule.   I am so pleased that you enjoyed my part of the world and hope that the glorious Far North was part of your NZ visit.   

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Dear Ro,

Congratulations on your CA 125 going down!! Toasting my green drink to you.

Your trip sounds amazing.  Good for you.  May you continue to enjoy life.


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Glad to hear that you had a wonderful relaxing trip even though it was busy.  So happy that your number went down.  trish

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Ro, I think we found a new treatment!    Your trip sounded fabulous!  Dancing for you on lowering your CA125!

Welcome back!


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Hmm if going on an Australian Vacation for a month is a new treatment - think I could get Medicaid to pay for it? hehehe

Congrats Ro

Sisters three
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Congrats on your trip and on your numbers dropping!!!! I needed to read that since my numbers have been creeping up, thank you for the post!!!!

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I started to read your post and a smile just started to spread across my face.  WONDERFUL on all counts!  So happy for you!!

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WOW!! Big congrats on the wonderful news your CA-125 is dropping! Glad you feel good..........and your trip sounds amazing! Visiting New Zealand and Australia are on my bucket list!


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Hi Ro:

  I am happy to hear that you enjoyed your trip to Australia and New Zealand and it sounded very restful for you. The scenery must have been beautiful. I remember that one of the attorneys I had worked for a few years back went to New Zealand for about a month and enjoyed it.

  Also, I am glad to hear that your CA 125 has come down - that's really great.  I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  That's great that your celebrating - I will also toast my green tea drink to you that I have every night with my dinner.

  Your right, you have to live each and every day to the fullest.  

  I am going for my CA 125 test next month and my cat scan in February. It will be 3 years this coming February that I was diagnosed with UPSC.

  Keep us warriorettes posted.

  Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.


a/k/a Jane



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So pleased that you had a fantastic trip, Ro.  There are truly some beautiful places in Oz and NZ aren't there?  And to come home to such an encouraging lab result is just the icing on the cake.  Long may those numbers continue to drop.

Kindest wishes

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I am so happy for you going on this adventure of a lifetime and getting a drop in CA125 too.

Many hugs and best wishes,


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I've been following the posts and am thrilled with the decrease in your CA-125. What an amazing adventure- New Zealand has always been on my dream travel list. Continue to feel well- you are a tremendous support to us all.


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