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Thank you to the members of Cancer Survivors Network

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Hello all.

I was browsing through the message boards here and I wanted to thank you all for the support you have provided to Jesse(spazactaz) through his battle with cancer over the past year. Unfortunately Jesse passed away on November 7.

It was nice to see the supportive and encouraging comments from the members of this board. I know it helped Jesse to have a place to turn to for advice, somewhere he could talk to others who were experiencing the same things as he did.

Thanks again.

Stacey Rae.

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Thank you Stacey for letting us know.  He was posting when I was getting treatment, I think he was a couple months ahead of me.  He was just SO SO young.....


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jim and i
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I am sorry to hear this. He was so young. I pray for all his family and friends to find comfort and peace.


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Thanks for letting us know....

It always takes a piece of my heart when we lose someone here..., especially one so young.

Thoughts, prayers and condolences to family and friends from our family and community here.


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I am sorry to hear about Jesse.  I thought the name spazactaz sounded familiar so I looked through my posts and I see Jesse was having a difficult time during August of 2012.  This is terrible stuff; it is hard to lose anyone from it.

Prayers and thoughts are with you.


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So very sad and sorry to hear. I am glad this forum brought some comfort to Jesse. Prayers for your family and Jesse's loved ones.

God Bless,



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stacey, i didn't have the privilage of knowing jesse but wanted to say how sorry i am for your loss.  i will put you and your family in my prayers.  may you find comfort in your memories of jesse and may they help you thru this terrible time.

God bless you.


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Sorry for your loss.  We went through the battle at about the same time last year. I was so sorry to hear this news. 

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Thank you for posting an update. Even though the news is tragic it is heartening to know being part of the CSN family and sharing experiences were of comfort to him.

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he was posting when I was new also...so sorry for your loss.  Thanks for posting .  Ann

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