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pallaitive care becoming euthanasia

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http://catholiceducation.org/articles/euthanasia/eu0010.html  My husband experienced this, food and water withheld for days until I signed for hospice and got him home.  Be educated on this please, I was not.

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I can't say enough GOOD about hospice !  Not enough is known or published about the amount of knowledge, caring and loved shared by these wonderful souls.  Pallitive, hospice are scary terms in our society.  But it doesn't mean the end of life necessarily.  Until I experienced this first hand with my Mother I had no idea what they were all about !  You don't have to be at home to get these services either....but have to ask for them.  Thank you for this post.  It is something we don't like to discuss, but for many of us the transition will be much easier to accept.  Hugs sent !  Katie

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Unless I am not understanding the article, it says that the patient has to agree with everything.  This is not legal in this country.  When my mother in law was dying she was in a catholic hospital we didn't want anything done at the end because she was 92 and completely out of it and had been for 5 years.  The nuns told us we couldn't request that and that they would do any and every thing to keep her alive.  I would definitely consult an attorney regarding this.

Hospice is for the most part great.  We had it for my mother and they were very compassionate and helpful.  I have had it for my husband since September and other than a few minor hiccups, everything has been great.  The nurse is very caring and compassionate and doesn't rush her visits.  I realize that there are some that shouldn't be in this field, but then again there are some that don't need to be in the field they are in either.  But we were told upfront, that if something happens and we don't like the nurse, it is our home and we can request another one. 


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Hi. I have to agree with K.  Hospice was a wonderful help and comfort when my mother was dying.  My only complaint was that because euthanasia is so controversial that we allow folks to suffer more than they should.  I put one of my dogs to sleep shortly after my mother died.  I was struck by the contrast between the beautiful and awesome experience that I perceived my dog to have meeting god and the week long agony that my mother experienced. I cannot for the life of me understand why we provide such comfort for our pets but deny it to ourselves.  I wish that hospice could provide more comfort when the time is near but they cannot because current laws prohibit it. As a survivor of stage III cancer that lives with the fear of a recurrence, I wish that we could provide an outlet where in the end we could chose to end our suffering and go to the next adventure.  I think I fear suffering more than death and I would find great comfort knowing that there is an "out" in the event that I needed one.  I only hope that the people that make the laws and the "moral" rules surrounding euthanasia don't have to live by them in the end and can instead be provided with some comfort and compassion.

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ONLY GOD HAS THE RIGHT TO DETERMINE OUR DEATH! When my grandmother was suffering in the hospital I prayed and asked God if you aren;t going to heal her please take her. I found out later that after my mother arrived and then left to rest at grandma's home my grandmother asked my aunt to pray that same prayer and God answered that prayer shortly after that. Prayer works.


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