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Need special prayers tonight.  My beautiful, highly intellegent,,super  sweet great niece with her whole bright life in front of her, was struck and killed by a car tonight.  She would have been 15 in January.  She was my nephew's only child.  I am so sick at heart over our Sierra LeAnne Phillips. No tears in Heaven baby girl.  Love, Aunt Debra

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Dear Debrajo

I am so so sorry for your great loss. It is so tragic when a young ones leaves us to soon.

Many prayers being sent to you and your family.

I know it's not enough to bring you comfort, but sending you gentle loving hugs.


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Posts: 1095
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Thank you Forme, it DOES help not to feel so helpless. The thing that makes me cry is the waste of a bright lovely person.  I was one of the first to hold her daddy when he came into the world , and one of the first to hold her.  Now it's all gone.  Forgive me...I'm going to try and go to bed, it's almost 4 am.  Thank you again dear!  Best Debra

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Words fail. Children are not supposed to die. Young Sierra LeAnne's sudden and unexpected death is a horrifically painful reminder of the extreme fragility of life.

My deepest condolences to the family.

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May God hold all of the family in his arms during this time.  Our time here is fleeting and there are no guarantees.  Live the best and most that you can during the time you have.  Children are supposed to live longer than their parents as they are our hope for the future and it is tragic when this does not happen. 

After a bit, I would suggest that the family can get into some grief counseling group as it does help.  My family went to grief counseling after my Mom passed.  It does help.

Prayers to the family as I know they are hurting. trish


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Prayers to you, your nephew and family.   So sorry for your loss.


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So very sorry for your (and the world's) loss.

Thinking of you Debrajo,


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I am so sorry, Debra. What a terrible grief for you all, and what a loss for everyone, especially your great-niece, with so much more in front of her. So very sorry.

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So sorry for the loss to your family.May God give you all comfort.You are in my prayers.

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So very sorry to hear your very sad news, Debrajo. What a senseless tragedy. It's never easy losing someone you love, and so much harder when it's someone so young. Sending prayers that God will reach down and wrap His arms around you, your nephew, and your entire family during this awful time.

Life is indeed precious.......

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Thank all of you for the toughts and prayers.  I can't seem to wrap  my head around the whole thing.  I will miss her all the days of my life, but I know she is ok.  The one I cry for is my nephew.  Having lost a son as an infant I know the "new normal" for him just maybe won't be possible.  She was his only child and my little neighbor as well as her great aunt.  Cancer is so deminished when you have to bury your child.  Thank you all again so much.  I'll be off for a while, but will not go to the dark side.  Love, Debra

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  I am so sorry for the loss of your very young niece. I will say some prayers for her.



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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your great neice.  What a tragedy.  My sympathy to you and your nephew's families.

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Dear Debrajo,

I am so sorry to hear of your tragic loss.  Prayers and wishes for comfort for you and your family.


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I am so sorry to hear this tragic news.  You and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers.  

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I am so, so sad to hear your news, Debra.  What a tragic thing to happen in your family.  I know words can't help much but please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

God bless you all

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Whispering your name to The Father for you and your family - espdcially your nephew.

so sad,




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Dear Debra:  I am so sorry for your loss.  If this is any comfort to you, and I hope it is.  "your sweet niece is resting and at peace"  May you and the family have peace as you all face this devastating loss.

Sisters three
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I haven't the words to ease you and your families sorrow. Take rest when you can and may Gods love and care give you peace. 


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I spend a lot of time thinking about you and your family.  Words are so inadequate.  Please take good care of each other.

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I too have been thinking of you and praying for strength for your family.  I hope you are doing better.  I know it will be a long time before you feel good. Try to take one day at a time and find some joy in each day.  In peace and caring.

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Sending best wishes and hugs.

I'm so sorry about your loss! 

May you, your nephew and family find comfort and peace during this time.

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers


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Praying for you Debra and for your family.



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