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Johnnybegood Still In Hospital

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After 7 days, docs still don't have a clue what is wrong with her. Each test is inconclusive or not able to be completed. FINALLY, tomorrow her surgeon is supposed to come to the hospital. When I spoke with her today, she sounded very weak, tired, in pain, & in tears.

I told her I was coming, but she asked me to wait until she has seen the surgeon. With the help of a special angel from the Colon Board, I will be able to get to Louisville.

I will update when I know something more.



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Your daughter stays in my prayers.  Thank that wonderful angel from the colon board for us !  Having her Mother with her will give her tons of inner strenghth !  Love,  Katie

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This must be so frustrating for both of you!   Hopefully her surgeon will have some answers and can put a plan in place.   You continue to be in my prayers and  I am sending angels your way!

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wolfen, i'm so glad that u get to b w/her!!  that will help her feel better.  still saying prayers for all of you.  have a safe trip and keep us posted.

God bless,


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like having your mom with you.  What a blessing!!  Please keep us updated and let her know she has our prayers. 

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hearing about the angel in the colon group brought tears to my eyes....what a truly wonderful person....this news warmed me from head to toe.  Keeping your daughter in my pocket....and you in my heart.


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Having Mom around is the most wonderful thing. So happy you are able to get there for your daughter to help give her the strength to get through this. Going through the cancer diagnosis and treatment, we too have run in to our own 'Angels'. It has renewed my hope that there are really, really good people in this crazy World that we live in...You are all in our prayers.


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On the Colorectal site, Johnnybegood, Wolfen's daughter, is back home.  Doctor thought irritation, she will have a colonoscopy in a few weeks.  JBG is glad to be home.  Wolfen, what a wild ride that week was for all of your family.  I hope that you have been able to talk to your daughter and both of you are getting much needed rest.

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