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I'm worried (UPDATE)

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My sister brought my brother for his treatment today. He was having difficulty breathing. so the doctor ordered a CT scan. They said he has multiple pulmonary embolisms. They are admitting him as I write this. Has this even happened to any of you?



He was admitted to the hospital. I drove there to relieve my sister so she could take dad home. I just got in a little while ago. They did put him on Lovenox. He had to take it before when he had his first port he has one clot, but this time it was numerous clots and they were very big, so I was really scared. He's resting comfortably now and I will take dad to see him in the morning. His rash looks so much better (from the erbitux). I didnt see him all week because I was sick with a sinus infection and didnt want to get them sick, but I'm on antibiotics for 5 days, so I should be good.

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Yes, it's very common.  Many people here have developed blood clots.  They will likely keep him overnight.  They will start him on blood thinners.  Probably Lovenox.  It's an injection which he would get twice a day for six months.  Possibly longer.  He may need someone's support with the administration.  Blood clots are caused by chemo, the cancer itself, the list goes on and on........They may also give him oxygen until his breathing improves.  The blood thinner will prevent the clots from getting any bigger.  They body will eventually rid itself of the clots and his symptoms will gradually subside.  It will be okay.  Poor guy.  I am sorry he has to go through all this.  Seems unfair given the challenges he already faces.  Sounds like he has a very loving family.  Don't worry about the P.E. (that's what the docs call it).



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You were on the money, they put him on Lovenox. They said he will be kept for a few days. I have to see about getting someone to go in to do the shots for him because he can't do it and I don't know if dad is capable of doing it. Thank you Chelsea for your kind words. He's such a sweet guy, it breaks my heart that he is hurting.

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Unfortunately blood clots in the lungs are not that uncommon for cancer patients.

Once the doctors feel comfortable that those which exist no longer pose a problem for either his breathing or others migrating elsewhere, he will get to go home.

My sister had only a single clot and was not hospitalized and was put on warfarin tabs daily.  With this she had to go in weekly to have a finger prick to test the clotting factor until the optimum numbers were reached...it takes a while to get the dosage set.  Other things like green foods can cause changes in the levels.

Clots normally start in the legs and migrate upward.  It may be that they will want to check to see if any others are migrating.

I hope that your brother will soon be breathing easier and home to all who love him.


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He is looking better. He was taking aspirin, but I guess it's not enough for him. He had 1 clot when he had his first round of chemo, but this time they decided to try aspirin. Apparently it didnt work. Lovenox will become his new friend. Now we have to figure out who is going to give it to him. My sister and I dont live close enough. We will have to see whether dad is capable. I have to discuss this with the doctor. We may have to see about getting a visiting nurse. Thank you for your kind words and information.


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