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I found a mole on my left butt cheek. It looked slightly irregular plus I don't remember it being there. I went to get it taken out today just to make sure. Dermatologist said that it's probably nothing but because of the radition she wants to make sure. She said she was mildly worried and wanted to be sure. Any of you had this issue or heard of this caused by raditation? Hope it turns out to be nothing. 

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Well isnt that a coincidence, I went in for a EUA 6 months after end of treatment and the Dr told me I had a tiny mole in the same spot as you!  I didnt even know it was there! He also removed it and they biopsyed and all is well--I wish you good results.

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I'm glad you had this checked and taken care of.  May it turn out to be just a pesky mole and nothing sinister!

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