Been awhile

Hi i know its been many months since i posted but dealing with zevalin and getting back on my feet took a bit longer than expected. Was nice of Merry and another sweet person who contacted me to see how i was, so i thought i would come here and say hello, been spending my time reading and writing some poems, i go for my first scan next month to see how the zevalin worked, will post again when i get the results. Here is my poem i wrote about my cancer and my feelings.


And so I smiled

As sweet as can be

In the face of the monster

Called my reality

I have seen all my demons

Have gone toe to toe

And from this battle, I will win, that I do know

Refuse to give in, will continue my fight

I have so much to live for, not ready to go to the light

So many painful days, so many nights I cried

I know this fight isn’t over, please stand by my side

Don’t want to go this alone, as I have I done in the past


So  take my hand and hold me, tell me this demon won’t last.



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    Good to hear from you

    I think of you and have wondered how you are doing.  Sounds like you have had a little bit of a rough go.  I'm so sorry.  You are a fighter though, and that is in your favor.  Your poem is beautiful.  Hope you get good results from your scan.  Thank you for posting, I hope the very best for you.  Becky