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Johnnybegood Doing A Little Better

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The bleeding has finally stopped, but still no answer as to the cause. She is still having severe diarrhea & abdominal cramps. Crazy doc asked her if she felt comfortable going home tomorrow with the dairrhea & cramps & no answer. She told him "NO". She lives 100 miles from the hospital. Makes me angry that hospitals just try to shove you out. Will keep you posted.




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...quick recovery and comfort.


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I'm glad JBG is starting to feel a bit better.   You are right, the hospital is the best place for her.  Please give her my best wishes.

Hugs - Tina

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There are never enough words to describe my despair at the evolving medical business model that seems draconian at best.  

So great that she spoke up and that you are there to support her.

Quick healing and comfort...


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She is in our prayers.  Keep in touch with the updates. Soemtimes the GOMER (Get Out of My ER) applies to the entire hospital. 


Best Always,  mike


PS You are in our prayers also.  Thanks to both of you for reaching out to me.

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This is good news!  Hopefully she will continue to improve.  Don't let them push her out the door too soon.  Thinking about you guys.  Thanks for the update.



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Really, I'm thinking, really????  Come on give this girl a break.  Figure out why and then go from there.  I'm glad she said no.  Glad she is feeling better but at least let her know the reason why this happened so they can fix it.  Uggggg.  Hope they can find an answer.


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she spoke up! It sounds like staying at the hospital is a good idea. Please keep us updated.


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My prayers for all of you. Precious jbg, she has been through so much.  I pray they get everything resolved before they send her home. Hugs




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I am glad that JBG gave them a resounding "NO" to going home with this unresolved.  Is this doc her own or just the one who was on call when she got to the hospital?

Either way, sound to me like she needs some new eyes on determining the cause.

Prayers for her that they can soon find the actual reason and can treat all her symptoms easily.

Strength and support coming your way, dear Wolfen, as you wait from afar for news about your precious girl.


Marie who loves kitties

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Thank God the bleeding stopped. I understand your frustration but I think its the hospitals being manipulated by the insurance companies. Not that hospitals don't tick me off. Thay all do (doctors hospitals insurance companies drug companies FDA). The nurses for the most part are he oly ones I don't have a gripe with.

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I hope she feels better soon.The hospital is the better place for her right now in case something else goes wrong.Good luck.

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And I'm glad she told them she wasn't leaving just yet!  Are they crazy?  Given her circumstances, she should be closely monitored for a while, imo.  I hope you both get the chance to rest a little now that things are calmed down some.

Hugs coming to both of you, tell JBG we're praying for her and thinking of her.


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Your in my thoughts and prayers. Get well soon. Damn hospitals. Some times they can piss you off. Get well and then come home.

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Hope she continues to improve and that they figure out what is happening.  Glad she spoke up and is still in the hospital she won't get any answers 100 miles away, that's for sure!  Hope everything gets resolved quickly and she's doing better soon.  Traci

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Glad this is getting under control.  GREAT decision on JBG part to stay right where she is until she is ready to go home.  100 miles away is too far.

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JBG and family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers. 

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I'm sitting at home alone while my mother sits at a hospital not knowing what on earth is wrong with her. It's absolutely tearing me apart. 
Several weeks ago, my grandfather, Ron, passed away. My uncle was just about to graduate college, and his father never got to see that. I have so many fears, and my biggest one is that my mother won't be able to see me finish college. She won't be able to hold a grandson or a granddaughter. Cancer is literally stealing not only her life away, but mine, too. 
I cannot thank any of you enough for being there for her. I love all of you. As I tell my mom, "be the knight". 


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Welcome to our board, the place no one wants to be. You will not find a more caring, knowlegeable group of friends.

I am so sorry about the loss of your grandfather Ron, & the serious situation with your mother. I know how frustrated you & she must feel. I also lost my Ron, my husband of 41 years, to cancer on May 5 of this year. My son graduated from college 2 days after we buried his father, so I understand your thoughts.

I cannot bear the thought of losing my daughter, also.



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Nice to meet you Vesix - you have a very special mom and grandma.  I'm so sorry you are all going through this.  Please know there are many people thinking of you all and praying for you.

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have them check her for c-dif, highly contagious in hospitals when immune system low.

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I am sorry that you and your family are dealing with this dreaded disease. My 49 year old brother is barely hanging on, but he's a fighter, just like your mom. I hope they figure out what's wrong and she's on the mend very soon. Make sure you take care of yourself, as caregivers, we tend to put our own lives on hold and neglect the things we need to do.


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have them check her for c-dif

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Nana b
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I've been praying and thinking about you girlfriend!     Always on my mind!  

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